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Free Advice On Directory Submission

Free Advice On Directory Submission
Free directories are directories that dont charge a fee for publishing your website listing. There are many types of free directories including general directories, niche directories, blog directories and etc.

The general directories accept submission of all kinds of niches. Niche directories will only accept submission for a certain kind of niche. Paid directories are directories that charge a fee for listing your website. If you pay for the listing, your website will be featured on the directory. Your listing can be featured on the top banner of the website or in the search result. The purpose of using paid directory listing is to drive targeted traffic to your website. If the directory has strict submission rules, you can consider using paid listing. For example, Yahoo Directory is hard to get listed because of the long queue.

Many webmasters use the free listing option in Yahoo directories. Thousands of webmasters are waiting for the websites to get listed in the Yahoo directories. With so many entries and so little editors, it will take a long time for you to wait until your turn. In this case, using the paid listing is a good alternative to the free listing submission. The cost of listing your website in the Yahoo directory is $ 299 per year. If the directory is not popular, purchasing the paid listing wont be worth your money. Some people spend a huge amount of money to buy paid listing in every directory. They would rather pay for the listing than waiting for their websites to get approved. Unless you have a large budget, it is best to choose the free listing option.

You should only submit to the directories that have page rank. Directories that dont have pagerank will never help you in your SERP ranking so you should not waste your time on them. Many webmasters assume that they will rank higher when they have more backlinks. It is true that the ranking of a website depends on the backlinks. However, the quality of the backlinks are also taken into account. If all your backlinks have pagerank zero, they will never help much in your search engine ranking . If you are greedy and get too many directory links, it will get banned from the search engine .

Once your site is banned, all the pages will be deindexed in the search engine . It will be hard to get back a site once it is banned. Many webmasters use the same title and description for their directory submission. Using the same title and description will cause duplication problem. To avoid this problem, you can write a unique title and description after you have performed 40 directory submissions. The title and description can be slightly the same. The most important thing is that they are not exactly the same. If the title and description you use for submission to all the directories are exactly the same, the search engine spider can easily recognize that you are the one who is performing the submission. It must look natural to the search engine , as if a user help to submit your site to the directories.

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