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See the past, present and future of technology. is the new platform that will change how companies build, deploy and manage business applications. is changing business computing. Again. **Inspired by a video by Michael Wesch.

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25 Responses

  1. yousefalsumaiti

    ?????? ??????? ????? ?????? ?? ?????…

  2. vadhanak

    And? everything is changing again.

  3. vmasaatukorala

    ? We hit it off so well after another visit

  4. hemikalalanika

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  5. bindihelar

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  6. Sandhina

    this gonna? be big

  7. calebp9503

    they keep saying “and everything changed again” the creator of this video thinks they? know how all this technology came together, but really they don’t know shit. they’re just brain scrambled by web 2.0 jargon, while the real innovators could care less

  8. umayanarosy

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  9. MonroeOgden

    Nice work. keep it up.? mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com werfsd

  10. manudewan

    Still as cool as ever!?

  11. preciousq

    looks like the next big thing, cloud computer? makes absolute sense

  12. marcpsummers

    Excellent Video? – Must of taken weeks – *****

  13. gottstogo

    it’s a piece of original music by Chris Hedge at the Magic? Shop in South SF… sorry, no download of it available

  14. tomaroth16

    you? just don’t get it….

  15. tomaroth16

    Don’t know who spammed you. You? are a little technically unsaavy though

  16. drs13t

    i’m after the music as well.. can’t seem to find what? song is it.. anyone able to help?

  17. alanomahonycorkman

    Great Video!!!?

  18. platinumkid99

    Viva la revolution… it.?

  19. HappyTinfoilCat

    Got spammed and? tracked it back to this company. The people trying to sell me something uses this. So, I watched this video and found it entertaining but left me with questions like:
    What EXACTLY is SaaS? And even much more importantly, why should I trust these guys with my confidential data? I don’t trust marketing pukes one iota. (especially not when spam is involved) Cute trip through memory lane though, as I have programmed from a front panel, bit by bit.

  20. gottstogo

    it’s an original score by? Chris Hedge at The Magic Shop in South San Francisco

  21. greymotif

    Anyone know? what the music is?

  22. gulshanmiddha

    Amazing? video!!

  23. pradskir

    Fantastic. I saw it at salesfoce seminar in London. I was hooked to it. I wanted a? copy of it and luckily, youtube provides it.

  24. rtc2utube

    What a bunch of Kool-Aid drinkers!

    The vid is annoying – remindes me of those late-night GGW spots!

    Re: Content.. SFC is over-rated – time-sharing has been around for 50 years now folks!?

  25. stzzo

    I found it pretty boring, too. It is indeed a cute and clever way to pitch a product, but it’s still a commercial – and a? 5-minute one at that.