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Flash and SEO Issues Resolved

Flash and SEO Issues Resolved

Article by Flaminio Ranzato

First of all we shouldn’t worry about the search engines since most of the traffic comes from Google that anyway can understand only the links and the text of the swf files and not the files dinamically uploaded; since Flash hasn’t the alt attribute its links don’t have semantic value because no keywords can be specified, then if it’s true that Google indexes Flash it’s also true that the way it does it has its limits and therefore is penalized compared to html pages.

Flash allows to create very graphic websites and therefore this is liked by human eye that views with more attention what is exposed but at the same time has problems with search engines ,we have anyway some workarounds to get over it: the first is to use the NOFRAMES tag in which we can put some text along with links and images otherwise we can write a html page including some flash movies. Doing this will not penalize the aesthetic of our website as it will be anyway attractive to the human eye and to the search engines too and if we combine Flash with PHP or ASP then we can develop sites that are extremely attractive and dynamic at the same time. Obviously this is not a task for graphic experts but more for programmers then acquiring the needed knowledge will be a must.

We must not forget that the page html in which the swf movie is included has important tags like title and the description and therefore we will work on them and on the keywords that we will use paying attention to how difficult is to rank for them and how much traffic they are able to bring, we can get these datas using tools like the keyword difficulty by and Google Adwords. We will pay attention also in the creation of the file fla including the text in the test string instruction without converting it in image or track by the function break apart. The importante that Google gives to a site is based primarly on the quantity of inbound links and on their quality, to get them we can submit our site to the many directory that we find searhing Google by directory and using techniques like article marketing that is about writing articles, including a link to our site for further reading, and to send them to the many article directory we find searching Google by article marketing. If our articles have good quality then other webmasters will include them, maintaining their links, in their websites and this will increase our link popularity that is very important to get good rankings in the search engines ..

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