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Fast Website Indexing – Is It Possible?

Fast Website Indexing – Is It Possible?
If you want to know how to get your website indexed fast you have come to the right place. Read the article below and you will learn how to get your online property indexed fast.

Why do you want to have you website indexed fast? Because, the faster Google finds it and includes it in their index the faster you will start getting visitors and hopefully sales. Just imagine what it would be like to have your website not indexed for a month – it is a month with no sales, it is like working for a month without getting paid.

Of course, this can be prevented from happening but you need to be proactive.

To get a website indexed Google needs to finds it first. To do that it needs to follow a link from a website that it visits more often and get to yours. Knowing this we just need to find websites that the major search engine crawls frequently.

The first one is This is a news sharing website where people submit news-worthy content and vote on it. The most voted stories rise to the top.

Without any exaggeration hundreds of stories are published every minute on Digg. For that reason Google constantly crawls the website – to keep up with the latest news.

Of course Digg is not the only site of that type – there are many more. Another one is All you need to do is create accounts on both of them and as soon as your website goes live to visit them and submit it. You can expect your website to be indexed soon after that.

To confirm that Google has found it just type in the name of your website ( in the search field of and you should see either/both Digg and Reddit pages indexed with your website on them. It means that Google is aware of your website existence and will soon include it in its index.

The second method to get your website indexed by Google is to place a link on another website that you own and that Google already is aware of.

There are a few things here that you should take in consideration. Just because you have another website doesn’t mean that Google will be visiting it often – sometimes it may take a month.

To get the best results with this method you need to have a website with a decent PR – usually 4 and above – these are the kind of websites that Google visits on an hourly basis.

I fully realize that if you are just starting chances for having such a website are minimal.

For situations like these we need to be a little more creative. If you are a member of any forum just post a link to your website in your forum profile signature.

Forums are frequently crawled by the major search engines because of the amount of new content members post on a daily basis.

The third way is to submit an article to a popular article directory site such as The problem is that approving the article sometimes take days.

That does not mean that the approach is without merits. To increase the chance of your site being found by Google sooner than later you just need to submit an article to more article directories.

There are thousands of article directories out there and creating accounts on all of them will take you days. That is not including the time to publish an article on all of them with links back to your website.

Luckily, there is a way to automate the process and the solution is called article submission software. This is a piece of software that automatically creates accounts on thousands (1000-2000) article directories, verifies them and submits your article and all that on auto pilot.

It is not free, but it is a pretty good investment, if you are serious about your business. It will let you get your websites indexed faster and build back links to them so they can rank high in the search engines .

From my experience I have found that I need about 30 minutes to write an article, spin it and submit it. Each article I submit gets published by 300 or so article directories. This is 300 backlinks for 30 minutes of work. I am yet to see another white hat tool that can do that.

Having an article submission tool that let you build hundreds of links in no time means that you can work on a few websites simultaneously or rank one website for a bunch of keywords.

Given then you need about 1000 links to rank for keywords with moderate competition you can have your website ranked for about 10 words in a month and start seeing traffic and sales.

To read more about Article Demon, the article submission tool that I use – check out my Article Demon Review there – don’t forget to download the 3 Ways to Make Money with Article Demon Report, ( value), no email required.

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