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Elite SEO Backlinks Review

Elite SEO Backlinks Review

Article by Tuitui

Elite SEO Backlinks Review – Marketing

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Dear Friend,

I am sick and tired of talking to clients who have been ripped off with “automatic link machines”,”back link generators” and “social profile builders”.

Clients whose sites have plummeted from “acceptable” search engine rankings to not even being indexed any more…

…All because these “miracle software solutions” don’t deliver on their promises,in fact they do the reverse!

Let’s face it,we live in a “instant gratification world” where all of us want and expect our problems or issues to be fixed RIGHT NOW!

And the biggest problem that most website owners face is traffic,they just don’t have enough of it…

…That’s why these “miracle software solutions” sell so well.

You need something more robust,you need to see exactly how the Professionals do it and then model from them.

For 4 years now I have been working full time as a SEO Professional and have helped over 1000 webpages achieve top 10 positions…

…I really know what I am doing when it comes to search engine ’s!

You’re probably wondering right now,like most of my clients do,why is search engine traffic so important?

Well let me answer that question for you,but before I do let’s look at the greater question of why traffic is important.

Simply put,you need a website,then you need to generate traffic and hopefully you will then create income.

Now let’s assess this in more details…


With the advanced in technology over the last few years creating a website has become as easy as clicking just a few buttons.

When the internet first took off you needed a computer science degree mixed with a mathematics degree to simply create one page…

…But now with tools like WordPress and DevHub anyone can create a website.

So for your website to be successful now,you need to do more than just build something pretty,but you need to build a site which attracts and generates traffic.

That leads me to the second half of this formula…


Over the last few years,Traffic has become the key to success for website owners with more and more business owners increasing their investment in traffic.

Without traffic your website is not getting visitors and your business is not making sales…

…It’s like owning a store and never having anyone walk into it!

As you can see traffic is important to your businesses success,so now let’s focus on why Search Engine traffic is important.

This makes search engines the biggest driver of traffic,bigger then social media and bigger then email marketing.
Just this single stat alone should make search engine traffic appealing to you…

…But it’s not the only reason you should be trying to drive search engine traffic to your site…

Search Engines also drive FREE,qualified traffic to your site every single day.

Now the keywords here are FREE and QUALIFIED.

Think about it like this,if each day I could get 100 customers to walk into your shoe shop,who prior to walking in told me they wanted to buy new shoes…

….Would you happily accept these customers?

Of course you would,because they have shown an interest in buying your product!

Well search engines are not much different,if someone types into Google “buy white dress shoes” and then they see your website and visit then they are highly likely to buy.

As you can see search engine traffic has many advantages…

….But the most important part to understand is that by getting search engine traffic you will generate more sales and more customers.

Now you know you need search engine traffic,it’s just a matter of working out how to rank in the top 10 results of search engines like Google…

…You see,the higher you rank the more traffic you can generate!

Alright so let me recap,you need traffic,you need search engine traffic;without it you can’t make sales and can’t generate customers…

…But exactly how do you “get search engine traffic”

Well that’s the easy part…easy for me at least,and in just a few minutes I’ll make it easy for you!

To rank well on a search engine there are just two factors involved,the first being a well designed and optimized website and the second being LINKS.

The most important factor is links.

Without links your site just can’t rank…

…And it’s not just any kind of links,you need high page rank,authority links from web 2.0 sites.

Now this might be sounding a little bit too technical,don’t worry this is where I can help…

…In fact this is where I am an expert!

Does that sound good?

A successful business owner like you knows that to be truly successful long term,that when you find something you don’t know,or aren’t good at then you need to locate an expert and outsource the task.

That’s exactly what I recommend with link building…

….When I started building links 4 years ago it would take days to just get 1 link,but now 4 years later I can build over 100 “Super Charged” links in just hours!

I want you to tap into my experience,to leverage my skill and use it to propel your business to the top of the search engines .

So here’s how it works…

…Every single month I am going to send you a PDF,contained in that PDF are step-by-step screen shot instructions on how to instantly generate back links to your site.

You see,each month it’s a new 100 plus links,which means each month you are significantly building the reputation and ranking of your site.

The best part is,these links are automatic approval,which means you don’t have to wait for a web master to approve your link.

Now these are the exact links that I use and my clients pay me thousands of dollars a year to help them…

…So I can’t give them to you for free,but I will make sure it won’t cost you an arm and a leg

If any time in the next 60 days you feel like I haven’t delivered or are just unhappy for any reason then shoot me an email and I’ll happily give you a complete refund.

I’m not in this business to rip people off,I want to make you happy and to see your site powering to the top of the search engine rankings .

It’s important for you to know that all the links are do follow one way links from authority sites…

So let’s just recap quickly what you are getting…

…Every single month I am sending you a step-by-step PDF manual with screen shots on how to build 100 plus one-way,authority,do follow,high page rank links…

…But that’s not all,I want to make sure you start experiencing REAL results REAL fast so I am also going to include a whole raft of tools and resources I use to propel my clients and my sites to the top of the rankings.

These are resources you won’t find anywhere else and I am giving them to you today as a GIFT from me…

…You’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost,well don’t worry as I’m not going to charge you $ 97 a month like my competitors.

My goal is to make this package affordable for everyone so you can secure your spot today for just $ 27.

That means you are making a saving of over $ 70 per month when compared with other similar programs!

…All you need to do is click the add to cart button below to get started:

Sign Up Now For Just $ 27/Month!

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