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Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) Tutorial/Let’s Play – Episode 1 – Character Creation

This is the first episode of my Tutorial/Let’s Play of Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO). This game mixes D&D 3.5 edition (the pen and paper rpg), action combat mechanics and traditional MMO elements to make a unique MMORPG. This game is Free to play and utilizes a cash shop and optional subscription plan to make revenue. This series will follow Hikaro and DarkRelic starting from level one and playing through the game. In this episode I cover the character creation process in depth. I am playing as the newly released class, the Artificer. I make a customized character allowing the viewer to see the full creation process instead of utilizing a premade template. The Artificer class and the Warforged race (which I choose) are both paid content. If you want to try the game feel free to use my referral link: Music in intro: Kevin MacLeod
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. reece798able

    i’ve been playing it for the pat 2 hours and it’s far? beyond wonderflu <3

  2. coachsudan

    DDO is wonderful!

  3. reece798able

    Well I like I like look? the look of of DDO, Because the combat isn’t like “left click now watch characters do 1 slash at a time until one of us is dead” style :p

  4. CptSR388

    Is there a? video somewhere? about how to properly use a Paladin?

  5. ThePCGamingVortex

    I love this game. It is very different then Runes of? Magic though. If you want something different go with DDO but if you want something the same style you should try Allods online. 🙂

  6. reece798able

    is this game any? good? i’m trying to find a new good MMORPG because runes of magic is ruined for me now.

  7. CoDOWNER1812

    reminds? me alot of WoW

  8. blacktouge



  9. Psychodegu

    You get points as you play? the game. Check your in game mail they let you know when you get points and tell you what you completed to received them.

  10. skachili

    change from directx 10 to directx 9 in the options screen. ? that’s what fixed the same problem for me.

  11. guitartwin18

    Anyone want to do a DDO lp? with me

  12. ImazeXmonsta2971990

    whenever i go to the loading screen after you create a character it? doesnt load i wait 2 hours or so but nothing happends plizz help

  13. Mr386838

    yes 100% f2p?

  14. Mr386838

    IM downloading the game rite now?

  15. Mr386838

    and dont forget paladin? mounts

  16. 1234Helsinki

    OMG how i can create? character i downloaded ddo from steam help

  17. 956Joeboy

    im really confused with the ddo store…. i spent all my points down to 10 and i loged in after a day and i had 60 then i spent it all and i loged in 2 days later and i had 150?? does it like slowly give More points, i thoght you needed to buy more?

  18. MamaRosieBear

    The game is F2P, There are multiple perks? like pvp, around 9 classes, 8 races, thousands of quests (literally) all kinds of awesome spells that get better as you level up, all kinds of special prestige paths or just all out you character. Bascially, if you dont mind getting help from a few people, you wont get bored for a few months.

  19. Holagrimola


  20. Rabi Malik

    Is? this f2p?

  21. TheLucs3d


  22. ThePCGamingVortex

    Thank you! I hope you are enjoying the? game 🙂

  23. ThePCGamingVortex

    There is no? offline mode but you can do the adventures by yourself since it is all instanced.

  24. ThePCGamingVortex

    I feel that Turbine is one of the best at the free to play model. They really make the game playable and enjoyable with no money but also put things in the store that makes you want to spend some money. Everyone should emulate their way? of doing it.

  25. ThePCGamingVortex

    That is? isn’t common. Might want to hit the forums up and see if you can get some tech help. Game is worth the fight…fun stuff