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Downtown Seattle Zebra Imaging ZScape 3D Holographic Print 512.600.6523 This is a color hologram we created with data from Google Sketchup. The model is of downtown Seattle. The building heights in this hologram get up to about 10 inches.

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  1. 4tr872r09

    hey, why dont you guys work on a holographic camouflage out of? this?

  2. marciortizuk

    Guys, please let me know how to make contact. I tried for the second time without answer at all. There is? the second project that we could use Zebra and didn’t happen because of that.


  3. YoshiBird


  4. dkyoandblade

    This is amazing? stuff.

  5. igoremumania

    This? is great!!!

  6. RkeyNirun

    Looks like The Matrix with it’s? greenish colors.

  7. roidroid

    the up/down viewing angle seems a little limiting 🙁
    but you? can’t have everything eh
    good work guys

  8. Nachtjager

    20 years ago the ussr was no more, moron. Better mind the millions of muslims in Moscow who would love to make mince meat of the Christian Orthodox? native Russians.

  9. ecchibear

    wow, i just finish watching about Holographic Storage disc (can store 500G? on a disc) and now this.

    the future of gaming gonna be so freaking awesome. we are advancing to fast it is somewhat scary.

  10. 0TrinitBlack

    The next technological? leap

  11. tatarioyaji3


  12. aby0ni

    does it use some? sort of 3d pixels?

  13. klaudyuxxx


  14. rmhism

    Most awesome thing I have ever? laid my eyes upon.

  15. canabalisticham

    500 for a small one, 1400 for a large.?

  16. soldner776


  17. theniclasridiclas


  18. Beliserius1

    The amazing thing about this isn’t that it’s a Hologram, and they have stated this? in their other demos. This kind of holograms were available in the states in the 60s, but what’s amazing about this, and their selling point is their SOFTWARE, which could “Quickly” Generate a hologram compared to older methods.

  19. WinOrrr

    Dear Santa…?

  20. DaPwnBomb


  21. hedanit0

    When? he lifts it, Inception.

  22. Caige

    google maps looks a bit? dated now, don’t you think?

  23. London3Dproject

    Guys! Check out the London3Dproject, to see the progress of modeling? London, and watch tutorials of how we do it, and how you can get even better at modeling!

  24. zsdg34

    WHAT!!! I herd this thing cost? more than my iPad 2+led tv combined. For that no way