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Does Google still recommend 100 links or fewer per page?

Is Google’s 100 links per page guideline still valid? Particularly given advanced CSS capabilities that allow tabs, reveals and other treatments that allow more content and links on a page without degrading user experience. Blind Five Year Old, SF, CA Russian subtitles translated by Mike Shakin. Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos : Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:
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  1. janeashelbacon

    Backdoor is Nice. I may take a look? on this.

  2. fivestarny

    How can I recovery the links? that was removed from my website. I have (0) Zero as today 3/15/2012
    OriettaDLV New York

  3. Chankeypathak

    I guess you don’t know that he made the PR? rating algorithm in 2000.

  4. agapitoflores001

    This is a very professional answer to the question. It shows? that he is very knowledgeable about things in Google.

  5. TheDeepEndDesign

    good to know, was wondering that? myself.

  6. mr24bd

    Do you recommend finding one article per content link page? or multiple? ie…?
    if you were to find multiple cinnamon coffee cake recipe articles,?
    would you stack them all on that one page or would you build out multiple pages for all of the articles?

  7. mr24bd

    Try to add some Description for Photos not for SEO purpose
    but for people. That will
    help you.
    You can also share in Flickr that may? help you rank well.

  8. lookingsomevideos

    The google guy is wrong with the formula. The formula is PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)) ….. C(T) is the number of outdegree links from another page that links to your page. The formula doesn’t show any impact to your rank PR(A) when having links in your? site, instead, there is a possitive contribution to your rank from others Pages PR(T) which link to you, this contribution is minimized when the number of links on that page are many C(T). The guy is wrong

  9. potoco

    La traducción al español es penosa, y los tiempos que se dedican? a cada frase de los subtítulos están muy mal repartidos.

  10. recipedude2

    Good answer, thanks Matt.?

  11. kinfair

    I like the yellow backdrop. 🙂 Best? yet!

  12. auberon36

    in IT probably… but certainly not yours… anyway, have a nice day? in “the village” salutations to No 2

  13. crashxxx

    Because he misdealing, he want you to think something? it’s good when it’s wrong.

  14. Dimawesome


    und was macht ihr wenn ihr Langeweile habt..?^^?

  15. iamhyder

    not? exactly

  16. richardiweanoge

    is this really from a five year old blind? kid????

  17. arthurjach1

    What if your? page with 5000 links is the SITEMAP? It will definitely look like you’re stuffing things in there.

  18. HolidayNova

    thanks Matt ?

  19. Films4You

    Yes… but… more links will slow page loads down and? get your listing reduced

  20. HardTimesHardBodies

    Good video. Thanks Matt!?

  21. highlander2107


  22. fabfashionistas

    This might be a dumb question so please forgive me if it is. Would this apply to an indexed style site map? What I mean is what? if all the items on a site that are alphabetically listed on a sitemap go well over 500 links on that page? Would that site be penalized in some way or considered a link farm or spammy?

  23. uchoa55

    not at all, but too below? texts besides attendance I will remind you of free willy

  24. BeeRich33

    most of them are just that. Best SEO strategy is? to create good content and build an audience.

  25. DksCoreZ

    Where do people ask those questions?
    I would? like to ask one also.