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DIY: How To Build A 1W Burning Blue Laser Torch!

How to make a handheld 1W 445nm blue laser torch. This laser is focusable, unlike the Wicked Lasers Arctic, which makes it even better for burning. This build will cost around 0, less than half the Arctic price. Parts list: Flashlight (There are a lot of options, I chose to “drill out the pill”. You can add a bunch of extra options, like the “hot option”. With the hot option You won’t have to buy a flexdrive because there is already one placed in the flashlight set to the current you want. This saves a lot time. Flexdrive (choose preset and type in 1000mA: 1W Blue Laser Diode: Aixiz 445nm lens: Aixiz module: GOGGLES!: I do not recommend this build to someone without much experience in lasers or electronics. Try out one of my more simpler builds instead. If you try this build with out ever building a laser before there is a 99.9% chance you will fail, seriously. This is a complicated build and there are a lot of things you can do to mess up. I DO NOT SELL THESE. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, “Why on Earth would you show the general public how to make a class IV laser?” I wasn’t planning on showing how to build one of these, but now that any random idiot can go and buy a 1W laser from multiple companies, I might as well take the opportunity to promote safety. No person will complete this build without some reading first, and then they will know how dangerous this laser is
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  1. GAPDaTsar

    Radio? shack in my opinion is cheaper than $130. Some people think less than that is still expensive.

  2. Aaron Bilski

    yes,? its fun too!

  3. sgtsam47


  4. draconicsorcerer

    Probably not. I looked it up and the Wattage of a PS3 blue ray diode? seems to be about 200 mw, which is about a third as powerful as this. It should still burn black objects though, just not as powerfully or as easily as this.

  5. rapidfire1207

    Great video!
    The flashlight (host) is a Aurora C6. The battery for this host is one 18650 3.7v or two CR123 3.7v (depending on the driver). A single AA will not have enough volts to power a driver. This is a difficult first time? build, props to styro for making it look much easy! Most importantly, if you operate a laser this powerful without protective glasses, you WILL go blind!

  6. terminator1973

    What Batteries are you using?

  7. 4kpm

    of course !!!!! Then you can be new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and lead The Avengers?

  8. bobhaha

    You? didn’t even insulate the driver or heat sink it…. tsk tsk

  9. hellohellohello846

    Probably not. Styropyro said that this body already heats up a lot, and uses 1 AA battery. This will make the battery drain fast. If you put a 2W laser diode into this thing. your battery’s will? drain in 5 seconds or less. Your heat sink will also not be enough to sustain a 2W laser. Hope this helps!

  10. DeathCon88

    ‘Sure you just didn’t do? it right?

  11. turman2000

    Hola, a mi también me gusta el tema de los leds, estoy haciendo varias cosillas… Si quieres puedes verlo en mi canal, tambien puedes ver como ilumino un cuarto de baño con leds. Si te ha gustado no dudes en suscribirte.

    Un saludo y gracias de? antemano

  12. VLxPain3

    Can you teach me to build? a lightsaber?

  13. shoemakerleve9

    Wasted so much time and effort on this shit, fuck you asshole,? it didn’t work.

  14. UglyHore987

    yea? if you want to die

  15. sharkboy1120

    Can a diode from a ps2? burn stuff

  16. johnmackelvey

    what if I? just wanted to buy one…

  17. CollectionGamesLA

    will? a blueray diode from a PS3 burn stuff like this??

  18. BongoPedro

    Can I use this technique? (and the same flashlightbody) to build a 2W laser?

  19. MrMachinimator

    No? way. Mind fuck

  20. bocajanrak

    You will permanently damage your eye? and it will blind you.

  21. MrMachinimator

    Seriously?? Why not?!

  22. bocajanrak


  23. ilovewemon2112

    I got? my tongue split

  24. paintballfan0991

    Were did you? get all these not the fkash light though

  25. paintballfan0991

    Were did you get all of? these not the flash light though