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Default to open: The story of open source and Red Hat

Red Hat Films is proud to unveil this documentary looking at the past, present, and future of Red Hat and the evolution of open source. Take a look back at the beginnings of open source, and its growth through the 80s and 90s. Meet the people involved, and understand how Red Hat got started, went public, and changed the technology industry along the way. Experience this story from some of the people that helped craft it, including DeLisa Alexander, Jeremy Allison, Paul Cormier, Alan Cox, John Halamka, Venky Hariharan, Lawrence Lessig, Alex Pinchev, Brian Stevens, Michael Tiemann, Mark Webbink, Jim Whitehurst, Jan Wildeboer, and Bob Young. See what the early days were like, and what they think the future might hold for open technology and the software business.
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  1. boudrenna

    hhhh I noticed it before reading your? comment 😀

  2. andamat


  3. andamat

    There was a? CentOS book in that shelf:-)

  4. jmitnick210

    In-depth documentary. Excellent. More coverage of the FSF would’ve been nice, but I understand it probably would’ve digressed from the message (& title) of the film. In any case, I’d love to see a book from a historical POV? from Red Hat.

  5. SeltsamerAttraktor

    @canaldozero That’s? what I said.

  6. evolutionaryit

    Great video? guys! =)

  7. shazam75

    Thank you -? from gentoo user +8 years

  8. benghaith

    I’m am a fan and? a big supporter of “Open Source” and FSF, but I have this strange unpleasant feeling that Red Hat is trying to scratch Stallman’s back!! Perhaps I’m wrong! I don’t know…

  9. SeltsamerAttraktor

    If you guys would only conquer the end user market, especially the traditional desktop…… I don’t believe? that Canonical could make it.

  10. RedHatVideos

    Thanks? for your feedback, everyone!

  11. XPZION7

    Me gustaria trabajar para redhat? ! Son una gran compania.

  12. inmortalnet

    First of all I would like to complement all of the people who made this great film available.

    I would just like to point out something that is pretty well know, which is that RMS fully supports Free Software (Free as in ‘Speach’) and does not? do the same for Open Source Software.

    I think that the wording used at the beginning of the film that may lead to have a wrong idea about this.

    Once again many thanks for making this great documentary available to all of us.


  13. teknomagus

    Awesome. Thanks Guys. Currently running Fedora 15. ? Have been a linux user since 98

  14. krashevski

    ??????? ?? ?????????????? ????? ?????.?

  15. metalbloodshed

    Great? job man.

  16. exn666

    16:30 – centOS book? at the bookshelf ))

  17. MrBatovsky

    Wow! And many thanks, you do a really good job!?

  18. SpreadGuts

    How? about better quality?

  19. Sergey Filkin

    This video provides me with better understanding what Free? Software means for people who drive RedHat.

  20. marcia wilbur

    First post! 😉

    Good show! Very nice. Best film I have seen in? a long time. Well done!