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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – Official Captivate Trailer

Frank West is back in this new version of Dead Rising 2 in the Off the Record game, announced at the 2011 Captivate event. Fight zombies as the original undead slayer! IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this week’s top videos ? Sign up
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. salemarde

    If any new? player need help leveling up on ps3 add me :dr2maniak

  2. carlos00jr

    hey fith comment its not weight i thought it was that too but actually it show a? picture of him in the beginig with a tank top or no shirt at all but it actually alot of mucle

  3. PowerTarts

    This new character looks like Johnny? Knoxville!

  4. Peter Berg

    Frank west is.? Wait a second… Chuck green is back in the fails now again with frank west 😀

  5. Peter Berg

    Frank west is. Wait a second… Chuck green is back in? the fails now again with frank west 😀

  6. supertaco6

    Frank? has gained some weight

  7. pipboy3000je

    Ok thx I got it already?

  8. WTF8211

    It’s a complete seperate game, a “what if” one, where the question? is, “What if Frank was there instead of Chuck?” Completely different. Own dead rising 2 though, you get special stuff and all that.

  9. Brett Lague

    Haha, yeah? so truexD

  10. resdraon

    dead island sucks ass?

  11. LOLyouvids

    there is a sandbox? mode……right? yes there is

  12. pipboy3000je

    Oh yea and is it a? disc or dlc

  13. pipboy3000je

    Can I get this even though I don’t own deadrising? 2 please reply

  14. SyrJirk

    Yeah a chuck norris/Mcgyver hybrid vs a herp derp who jumps onto a mall to take random pictures of zombies. The winner here is oh so clear to? me now.


  15. Wickedywacktack

    No he wasn’t Chuck? got trapped Frank jumped on the fuckin’ mall, I like Chuck but the original Frank West kicks ass.

  16. jakov grbelja

    im playing this game whole day its one of best games IN? WHOLE UNIVERSE

  17. Andreas3692

    agree man i enjoy this game a? lot!

  18. TheRydog1

    SANDBOX? MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ogsamsterrr

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  20. ContentPwned2gaming

    buy both dr2 and otr?

  21. ContentPwned2gaming

    not really you go around? trying to do alot of thigns like make weapons get combo and cratch cards and do alot of things

  22. slim13sur

    He’s old and when you get up higher levels he? will get thinner

  23. Boomstick Man

    i prefer the other
    hate? to use fat frank¡

  24. Lolarusty5579

    Dr2 is? better