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Creating A Google Site Map

Quick basic lesson in how to create a sitemap using online tools, and upload it straight into Google Sitemaps.
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  2. NewKeepSharing31

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  3. MyTomkaG

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  15. scottrex33

    good? tutorial. Thank you.

  16. taxlogbook

    Great Help.? Tried it out and worked like a charm.

  17. bakhen

    I just followed? these steps and it worked great! The ROR Sitemap Generator worked just fine for me. Not sure what everyone is talking about.

  18. Barcoe4

    Very well explained and? easy to understand!! Thanks a million!!!

  19. ln1507373

    Very? helpful

  20. Esigonowhere

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  21. 0u8124you

    Junk information. Tells you nothing about getting a simple sitemap to google. You go into some fancy program which doesn’t work to create the sitemap. Then tells nothing to actually STEP-By_STEP getting into google. SIMPLE JUNK…don’t assume your listeners are expert? at this subject if they were they wouldn’t even click here

  22. escapeuk

    Sorry, this video is quite old now and it’s? all moved on a bit. There are other google sitemap software apps that do the job now.

  23. vulcanpalm

    It doesn’t work? 🙁 why????

  24. 1chomps

    great vid man help me a lot if I have any question I will? post another comment
    Thanks again for share your knowledge with us