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Create Backlinks With Backlink Help

Create Backlinks With Backlink Help

This can be the most time consuming way to get backlinks, and it can produce some amazing results for you depending a what niche you are writing for, and how well you write your articles.

Here’s the thing. You write an article about a topic. It can be a short and sweet, Top 5 things about such and such kind of article. In fact, those are some of the best articles.

At the bottom of your article you include a resource box, which includes some information about you and you guessed it, a link back to your website.

You submit it to an article directory. These article directories, usually have a pretty High PR Backlinks , just because of the nature of what they are.

Here’s where the magic can happen.

Because of a High PageRank Backlinks , many of these article sites will come up number 1 or 2 in google for the keywords of your articles. This means lots of traffic to your website. Another aspect of article directories is that webmasters and newsletter publishers can use the articles in the directories for content. They must leave the resource box in place though. If your article gets picked up that is an entire NEW market you never would have had. If it gets picked up by a website that’s another backlink for you too.

There are a million article directories out there. Of course there are a few big ones, however, if you are just looking for backlinks you can submit your article to all the available directories.

There are two ways you can go with article submissions.


You can pick 3 or 5 big name article directories and submit unique versions of your article to those directories.

2. You can mass submit your articles to many many directories and get a bunch of “lesser quality” links over time.

If you choose method number one, then you’ll just need to rewrite your stuff and submit it to the directories. However, if you decide to go with method number 2 I highly recommend Unique Article Wizard. It submits *unique versions* of your article to article directories which builds tons of backlinks. In addition it also submits your articles to blogs where people have asked to receive unique content. This is a great way to get links ~ in text on a blog.

In addition to submitting your articles to directories and blogs it also creates unique versions of your articles that you can use as well. So say you’re creating a blog post on a free ad blog ~ go to UAW and grab a unique version of an article you’ve written and copy/paste it right in. This element of UAW is a huge time saver. You basically have unlimited amounts of unique articles to distribute around the web ~ creating even more backlinks.

So if you have some extra money in your marketing budget I suggest you put it toward article distribution and put your time to better, more profitable, use. Good luck in your backlinking efforts.

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