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Create Backlinks Using Video Comments & Increase Your Rank {Network Marketing} Network marketers by now know that Video Marketing is one of the hottest ways to create massive exposure and also comprehend the power of commenting on blogs and how the traffic it generates back to their own websites. Well… WELCOME TO YouTube VIDEO COMMENTS! Video comments allows you to use video to comment on another video which will create a link back to your channel, thus increasing exposure to you! There are 3 ways to leave a comment 1) Record a Video~~ You allow Youtube to gain access to your camera on your computer and you can record a video straight to Youtube 2) Choose an Existing Video~~ Use a video in your library of uploaded videos and attach that to the video as a comment 3) Upload a New Video~~ Maybe you don’t have a camera attached to your Computer and you don’t have an existing video relevant to the video you want to comment. Then you make a new video and upload it! Simple, fast and effective! REMEMBER~ Spamming is NOT allowed and makes you look BAD no matter how cool you think you look or how great your opportunity may be to you! Have a great time leaving video comments and remember to comment, share and like this video, too! To Your Success, Corina Beckby Your LatinaPreneur Skype me! Corina.Beckby Get to know me! Join me and the best and most sexiest team of Internet Network marketers on the net and our elite company! http Cedrick Harris Erwin McKen Corina Beckby Your LatinaPreneur Carlos Becerra My Lead System Pro

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  1. Milin701

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  2. meetstaci

    very helpful? video Corina! 🙂

  3. mlmkareem

    Corina, It is a honor to read your content because I know without any doubt you are going to? bring the value, strong to the table. Thanks a million superstar.