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CMake/CPack/CTest/CDash Open Source Tools to Build Test and Deploy C++ Software

Google Tech Talk December 7, 2009 ABSTRACT CMake/CPack/CTest/CDash Open Source Tools to Build Test and Deploy C++ Software, presented by Bill Hoffman. CMake has been in development since 1999, and has been used on several large open source projects such as ITK, VTK, ParaView, VXL, Trilinos and CMake itself. Further, KDE, one of the largest OSS projects has adopted CMake, demonstrating that CMake is capable of successfully supporting complex and large software systems. Hence CMake usage is growing rapidly with thousands of daily downloads and inclusion in several Linux distributions. Unlike many build systems, CMake is designed to be used in conjunction with native build tools enabling developers to use makefiles, Kdevelop projects, Xcode projects, and even MS Visual Studio projects. A simple input language (included in a CMakeLists.txt file) is used to specify which files to build and what types of system introspection tests need to be performed to build the software. A persistent cache file is used to store the system information and avoid the need for user-defined environment variables. In addition to building software, CMake provides a testing client (CTest) that integrates with the web-based CDash testing server. This server creates dashboards that build a snapshot of the software at a given time. This is critical to cross-platform development since often a change on one platform fails to compile on another one. The testing system provides for nightly builds which use
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  1. kotapaka

    65-70 employees? When you have a company of this size shouldn’t you mention the exact number? 65 people is a handful of? people – it’s not hard to know the exact number of employees.

  2. sgbeal

    An old online colleague of mine used to call them the GNU “Auto, my? ass!” Tools.

  3. oktal3700

    Search cmake on

    Autotools aren’t as bad as you think. Autotools? and CMake both have their problems. Which one you use will depend on your project.

  4. Dheeraj V.S.

    The? speaker should repeat the audience’s questions for the record.

  5. HasenDarkness

    It? takes 1 hour. Seriously what the fuck.

  6. themiwi

    Haven’t seen anything you can’t do with CMake that you can do with autohell so far… (apart from convenience libraries, that is) But I’ve seen a LOT that you? can’t do with autohell without going to considerable lengths. And then libtool is just a PITA and unbelievably slow.

    So, if you don’t care about Windows and your project is medium-sized, go on and torture yourself 😉

  7. redzor812

    ah balls to that autoconf and automake have been around for so long now that they are easy and very very very customisable you can do far more interesting things esp when your working with compilers like me. Though it would be nice to have some msvc integration but meh i never develop on windows i? just do C on unix every day :S so i dont care

  8. Tia1ko

    @themiwi: At least they are documented.? 😀

  9. bitminer69er

    The video is good for the introduction to the various tools Kitware is developing, CPack, CMake, and CDash. I have used GNU Make, BJam, and now CMake. So far CMake is working quite well for my builds. Not without problems howerver, no solution is perfect. I have been able to date to get past each of my issues with CMake and the ThridParty? libs that use it. I am looking to use CDash and CPack so I cannot speak to these yet. One of the reasons I watched this video.

  10. themiwi

    True, autoconf + automake >> cmake. Because they’re bloatware and coarsely hobbled together hacks. Ever looked at the M4 code? THAT’s ugly! Require Cygwin/MSys just? to build a software? Hardly… Just my 2c.

  11. redzor812

    they forget to mention cmake is disgusting! 😛 autoconf and automake is >>? cmake. And cmake isn’t that portable yet!


    @Luke1d20 No firefox?

  13. DenGodaOsten

    my ears? hurt =(

  14. OlloX3

    @GODLYELLiiOT:? The video works?


    Get youtube fixed. I? want to be able to see videos when they come out, not a hour later…