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Classical guitar making pt 5 interview with a luthier nylon string fingerstyle tools assembly

www.nextlevelguitar.comClick link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Ebook, all for free from Here is part 5 of our interview and shop tour with luthier Thomas Heller. We tour his shop where he hand makes classical guitars in Carlsbad California. Check out his process, tools, craftsmanship, and learn about the fine workmanship of a craftsman. Many more full on video lessons at the full on instructional website at: Click the link below to go to check out more on luthier Thomas Heller and see his hand made classical guitars. http
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24 Responses

  1. manalexxxx

    check out this cool guitar tabs site?

  2. rubylaser163

    im going to use red? wood for my dulcimer is that a good idea?it is old wood .i got it years ago when i worked for the forestry…..tx george

  3. decadoc

    ‘ervin’ somogyi. Not to correct, but inform? anyone who may be reading.

  4. Jerry6069

    ok,l? like it

  5. Bjo15

    i dont have? a single of those squares in my guitar ?

  6. BitterBosh

    Incredible, I? was fooled..The intro sounds exactly like ‘Horizons’ by Genesis/Steve Hackett

  7. drllucas

    Related to comments on the price of his guitars: at one guitar per month, after taxes and overhead he probably makes $25 to $30.00 per hour. Also, North San Diego County is one of the most expensive places to live in America. Factor in that none of you can buy the Brazilian rosewood or? have access to the tonewoods he uses and his guitars become very reasonable indeed. Edwin S. makes $30,000.00 per guitar. In the market he serves, he is very reasonable indeed. You get what you pay for.

  8. yobmas722

    i just bought my classical yesterday and it only cost me like 148 us? dollars…. others would cost like 688 dollars……

  9. mrroboto187

    I don’t see what everyone’s problem is. You want to take a tour of some shitty 2nd rate factory or do you want to see a master craft fine guitars? I think if you want to purchase a guitar you should go to a store and play some. Not figure out what you want by watching the Tubes. This is kind of just for the enthusiast. It’s like watching a famous painter at work. Would you rather watch Da Vinci or some unknown artist. For? me the choice is obvious.

  10. poopalover

    not? really

  11. slowhandeagle

    That’s BWV 1007 Prelude? in D J.S. Bach

  12. thepinkfloydsound73

    whats the name of the song played at the? beginning of this video?

  13. lastelin

    ohh rosewood !!!


  14. NewName200

    he defently rapes africa, by paying 80 $ for a fretboard 😀

    that comment is kind of inapropriate??

  15. JFooBo

    lol? he says geetars

  16. filmtress

    Fretboard: Ebony wood from AFRICA. Bridge: Madagascar from Africa.

    Madagascar rosewood from Africa. Why is Brazilian wood? unavailable now? Has it been sold to extinction? Notice none of the materials came from America. He sure knows how to pimp materials from other countries and hock them here in America. The raping of Africa continues.

  17. Bertziethegreat

    Best get learning so you can make your own then!?

  18. journeyquest1

    Im crying because i will never be able to afford a guitar that cost half of whats these go? for im sure. The 2nd one was sweet.

  19. EllyMcCormack

    That’s wood from several different trees from all around the world, the best? forms. that’s a tuning machine with a patented (mexican wasn’t it?) design made by a Japanese company, gold and all top knotch, and crafted in America. The world we live in now is amazing that craftmanship like this is possible.

  20. ibanezman007

    I agree, it would be cool to own one of these, but I looked at his website and these guitars cost like 7,000? dollars!

  21. Alexander1208

    yeah? well its a matter of preference but i agree with you i also like them with cutaway

  22. grnguns1

    This has been a very enjoyable interview series. Thank you for the presentation. Those are really a dream guitar. I am not a? classic guitar player, however, for a collection these would be one I would like to include. I am at the moment dreaming about a high end Taylor acoustic guitar. I have the Big Baby Taylor and love the tone it produces for me. Thanks again! Happy New Year!

  23. cuntrag1

    the whole time i just wanted to see him play.?

  24. enigmaCSS

    i still love you?