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Check out the New Google Keyword Tool (beta) Was just playing around in the Google Keyword Tool when I noticed a link that said “New Check out the New Keyword Tool (beta).” and I thought I’d check it out. It’s pretty new so I’m not too sure if any reviews are out yet… Hope it helps you get started. If you want more free SEO training videos head over to

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  1. deborahcorbett

    I? am very new to all this and you were extremely helpful

  2. kemi147

    great tutorial, thank. The new google keyword tool provides lots of keywords synonyms and what i find very facinating is the fact that it also provides categories for the keyword phrase. Great? stuff!!

  3. fitonfruit

    I honestly want to throw up in my mouth at the new keyword tool, but your video? has just saved our team hours and hours of extra work, thank you!

  4. Taviosbox

    Very nice video, it has helped me on a few levels. You comment on the categories for blogs was very insightful. On the competition aspect; does the fact that it points to paid ads as opposed to organic results mean that this info may or may not be geared toward my article marketing strategies? Obviously, I am a newbie and need all the help I? can get. Looking foward to your response.

  5. theseomethod

    Yeah it’s from? paid ads 🙂

  6. dealmaker007

    well? so far I am impressed that they let you sort your suggestions better and the lateral keywords and category organization/structure is very helpful since we now know that google uses Latent Semantic Indexing in it’s patent. So in my opinion the tool is even more helpful for webmasters. One question though… the “competition” column is referring to paid ads and not organic results, right?

  7. theseomethod

    You’re hot off the mark… only posted that about 5 minutes ago 🙂 Let me know? how you go.

  8. dealmaker007

    This beta tool seems to be more helpful than the search based tool they had, it seems to combine the best of both worlds (adwords external tool and search based tool) in this beta? tool. I’m heading over to check it out now. Thanks for the heads up.