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Challenge Of Backlink Building

Challenge Of Backlink Building

Every Internet marketers dream is ranking in the 1st page of a search engine . But it cannot be be achieved easily. It is the decision of search engines to award higher ranking to any web site. They set the undeclared rules for getting higher rank. Others could guess these rules with trial and error method. To make the case worse, each search engines do not have a common rule and has their own algorithm to award their site ranking.

It is disclosed by the largest one, Google, that the quality and quantity of back links to a site is to be considered one of the major factors to achieve site rank. It is to noticed that the quality of it alone is not a decisive factor, quality of it also will taken in consideration.

What are the good quality back links according to Google! The most two common factors are that comes from relatively similar websites and from the sites with higher page rank.

Google awards higher page rank so nobody can do anything about it, though web master could be choosy about making links from lower page rank or the site that will give no value to their site. There are number of sites around, link from them could make a devaluation from search engines . Every web masters are aware of that.

Back links from similar sites means that the sites have similar interest or serves similar purpose. It was easy to get those from similar sites. Web masters could contact each other and could exchange those to each others site. This specific type called reciprocal link. It is rumored that the large SEs do not give any value on reciprocal linking. If it is true still reciprocal linking has some value worth making it as all the SEs does not have similar rules.

Building good quality back links in huge quantity has its hazards too! This action could be penalized by SEs declaring spamming and if it happens the web master could experience his site to be found no where from 1st position of 1st page of SE.

Making links of your site is a challenge. You have to increase the number quickly but not as quick to be penalized. You have to maintain a steady pace being selective for links from higher page rank. So it is really challenging indeed. But If you want to Earn Money on Internet ranking your web site at the 1st place of 1st page of search engines , you have to take the challenge very seriously.

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