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Celianna’s RMVX Faceset Generator Tutorial

A short video showing you the most basics of things to use my RTP faceset generator designed for Adobe Photoshop (also compatible with GIMP and Paint.Net if you download a plugin). It’s got plenty of options, so you can always make a unique face. I forgot to mention there’s another way to change the colour of something, by going to Image: Adjustments: Hue/Saturation and experiment with the options to get different colours. You can download the faceset generator V.6 from here: Mirror link: Official thread on RPG Maker VX Community: I frequently update the generator to fix mistakes and add in new content, so if you’re using the generator, be sure to check back on the official thread to see if I released a newer version! As of this video, the newest version is 6.0

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25 Responses

  1. NoxChibi

    i love? the creator of this program

  2. LackOfPaitents

    Whoa, that’s seriously from Love Com?? I don’t remember that at? all! XDD Also, awesome tutorial! Thanks so much ^J^

  3. VeryCompetitiveGamer

    Works in Fireworks as well thanks? mate really happy for release!

  4. shlogme


  5. ktaker233

    Ahh, ty? :3

  6. ILoveMyMatty

    A PSD file is an Adobe? Photoshop file. You open it with Photoshop.

  7. IomaiofWolves

    Where does? the .psd file go?

  8. 987inuyasha

    what should i? do with the .psd file?

  9. Cheryl0029

    I don’t know if you found the song in? this video yet, but in case if you didn’t: the name of the song is called “Dry Tears”. And as ILoveMyMatty said, it’s from the Lovely Complex OST.

  10. TheChocofruit

    If you used this to make your facesets you? would have to edit the sprites by hand right?

  11. pokemon56476

    Is it strange that? I got Photoshop just for this? Meh. SO HELPFUL!

  12. PSPman128

    Hey i’m making a game about slavery for history class with? RPG Maker VX. Can i use this to make dark faces? Also, what sprite generator should i use for a VX?

  13. princessbinas

    Can someone make one? useable on Gimp

  14. celinedrules

    Paint.NET PSD? Plugin on codeplex

  15. JBielinski1

    My situation is similar to TheVindictiveOne87. Can someone? please explain to me how I’d make the sections of the imported face all one? I just can seem to figure it out…
    Love the video, in fact this is the best thing I’ve seen for rmvx:D

  16. BeezTrollin

    what plugin makes this .net? compatible?

  17. NotSoCoolAnimator

    can you show the tutorial? on

  18. TheVindictiveOne87

    If i import this to RMVX how do i make it all one face? like when? i go to make my character i select my sprite then the face, but the face is divided into sections like the sprite and not like the pre-installed face graphics

  19. TalesoftheAbyssftw

    giyf? [dot] com

  20. ILoveMyMatty

    track 1 (I don’t think? it has a name) from the Lovely Complex OST.

  21. ktaker233

    Name? of song >.>?

  22. Imaginarem

    How do I open it? on GIMP?

  23. KatakanaZX

    Nice 😮 Are you working on RPG Maker VX? Ace scripts?

  24. TheCoolnerd95

    Do I have to open this in? Photoshop? Or do I install it in any way?

  25. davidramo

    I have a few questions, sorry if theyre pretty dumb, what if I wanted to open a new tab to make another characters face how would i do that, also when i want to save the character face i created what type of? file would I save it as. I use Photoshop CS4. Thanks.