Home Link Building Service CASELABS Magnum TH10 PC Case – Crysis Cruncher 2 Build (Benchmarks to Follow)

CASELABS Magnum TH10 PC Case – Crysis Cruncher 2 Build (Benchmarks to Follow)

“Caselabs Magnum TH10 Enthusiasts PC Case is an absolutely Phenomenal piece of equipment, it has all the functionality, customization options and internal real estate a PC Enthusiast could ever want for their next Killer build. It’s all aluminum construction and high quality, durable finish should provide you years of service and last you many builds or projects” For more information on Caselabs Magnum TH10 PC Case, feel free to contact them directly @
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. funnyshitguy

    Lol for real! I have the 800d sitting right beside me and it is a beast! But this? case makes it look like a small mid-tower XD

  2. anastasy2

    Trubitar reviews, best reviews? available on the web !

  3. Extremepcsimplified

    Would love for you to? do the tx10-v 🙂

  4. girlsdrinkfeck

    ya british and u say? aluminum ?

  5. 23hocke

    Yeah… every one who buys this case uses it for the? amazing air cooling….

  6. DukeTolgo

    Awesome Case. Never thought anything was better and bigger than the Corsair? 800D but the Caselabs cases are.

  7. jedipat012

    @trubritar Can you do or link me to a rewiew of the memory waterblock and is it needed? the fan that came with the gt does a great job even with major overclocking.?

  8. zomgwtfbbqbagel

    Can? I fit triple 140 radiators rather than triple 120’s?

  9. rockystars11

    i don’t like this review.. that? guy is stupid

  10. zomgwtfbbqbagel

    Single loop? How? many pumps?

  11. 0peppers

    The only thing this case is missing is some dust filters. Do they have an option for that??

  12. alaskanhybrid

    This case is with all the fan options literally make it just about? covered in fans.

  13. aleckermit

    Makes my Thermaltake Armor? case look small.

  14. 1988Mjolnir

    I just? creamed my pants.

  15. Lone5719

    $479.95 at their on-line store

  16. SWOgottaGO

    This case might be going? for $600+ USD.

  17. SWOgottaGO

    Just he did.?

  18. Ockap1812

    Please do a review on? the little devil v8!

  19. 0peppers

    This case is a dream. While it is expensive and? enormous it’s nothing short of amazing. The customization on this thing is out of this world.

  20. yosmer333

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    Quote: Thumb this up if u? think the same.. By Snake1979xfire

    Nice epic fail “brah”.

  21. Snake1979xfire

    @yosmer333 Hey dude what is ur focking problem man ???
    May i miss some vids of trubritar man damn.
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  22. Snake1979xfire

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  23. yosmer333

    “I miss the good old video’s from u trubritar.”
    “Loved the bench video’s and uber specs? systems u used for them.”

    what about you stop your childish drama and stop asking for thumbs up? (it makes you look like a total loser/no lifer).

    you were only emo-crying about the fact trubitar used to upload bench videos instead of regular reviews like this.

  24. Snake1979xfire

    Lol what u talk about man, better read what i wrote man with ur stupid replay.
    I know he made already vids of the HD6990 / GTX 850 e.c.t? e.c.t..
    Thats not the point i was wrote…..

  25. yosmer333

    lol what? he already made few videos about the GTX590 / HD6990 / GTX 580 / 570 6870 and others… do you want him to make reviews about video cards which haven’t been released yet? i? doubt trubitar has any knowledge about time traveling tho.