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Carrier IQ Part #2

More information about Carrier IQ. If youd like to talk about it, post below, tweet with #CIQ or if you have a board discussion about it post the URL here. I will be doing NO moderation. While your out there thank the @EFF for letting me continue 🙂 Why are you looking at CarrierIQ for information and not HTC? Look at how many devices have Carrier IQ hidden. HTC is just including 3rd party software. They have privacy policies everywhere for their programs, this is not just an HTC/Android issue. Visit for more info. Videos were shot with E4G/E3D, so dont complain about quality.. If you want a better shot of something let me know! Video Contents: Part 1 – Start – Device setup Part 2 – 3:15 – Where we don’t see CIQ Part 3 – 5:05 – Finding CIQ Application Part 4 – 8:34 – Watching Carrier IQ Watch Us 8:39 – Keypresses 12:27 – Receiving a SMS Message 13:35 – Using Browser on WiFi Part 5 – 15:45 – Carrier IQ on an out of service device Part 6 – 16:49 – Conclusions Go check out sassibob over at TweetFind too –

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  1. ameen altermathy

    dlsfeohnbkeorjyhbml;vdslopi[roepdcl[v0ewolskfoapswdkljbnwrefjklkfuckwefjioesrh[gis how can find the? word ”fuck”

  2. dillinger9999

    I am a sprint customer & so I went into a sprint store and asked about getting an upgrade to a smart phone from my Blackberry, & my first question to the guy who was trying to sell me the phone was does that phone have Carrier IQ? on it,? & if it does can you disable it or remove it. He told me “no” that it’s part of the plan and it cannot be removed or turned off.

  3. jcmaddox01

    And this is why i rooted, and installed a custom ROM that doesn’t have Carrier IQ. Android has? it’s advantages towards these things.

  4. nate1454dog

    someone? should create an app or program that blocks carrier IQ or allows it to be force closed.

  5. RubyKeywordTracker

    I just love to run in to these type experiences in today’s? cynical and lost environment.

  6. daintellekt

    An eye opener !?

  7. audioizm

    yeah big? brother is watching 😉

  8. 00SIHAM00

    The main goal of this type of application is to put the customers in the heart of the operators´ preoccupations…not to turn it into a CIA spy tool. Customers should? be able to uninstall it at any time they want.

  9. mirage42999

    Wow.? I don’t know how you could find this out but it’s interesting and makes you wonder who or what is seeing everything thing you do at any time, wherever you are. Sneaky.

  10. zacTAG

    Is the Carrier IQ also on Nokia and a windows phone? Because I want to get myself a Nokia? Lumia but I’m afraid because of this third party app.

  11. squick1842

    He sais “Thanks HTC for that oppurtunity”
    An oppurtunity? in my days when we had normal phones or Win 98 there was no bulls**it
    U had to install progs to get them, they were not? included with force like now.

  12. EvolutionXEngine

    Game? Development? Can you do any tutorials … please and thank you…

  13. zerocoolojoia

    WELL, last but not least, the part of sending the information from a mobile device to the General Internet System, or “World Wide Web”. the mobile phones and similars are only starting to enter this “W W W” area, so they still? don’t fully understand the management and keypoints of the protocol that it should be using and doing, BUT THIS LAST PART is only a supposition from my part, this one is waayy out of my basic knowledge.
    Final argument: Should it be doing all of those things? Probably not.

  14. zerocoolojoia

    Why does SMSNotify get called and show tobe dispatching text messages to “CIQ”:
    Well, doesn’t C.I.Q. stands for Carrier Internal Query? How could your mobile carrier be able to know from where the “text” protocol got from and where to send it to if the CIQ system didn’t sent that information? And you got “called” also by the CIQ system after receiving the text, right? have you tried to send it to a DIFFERENT number and check the lines displayed? on the command prompt window?—>following

  15. zerocoolojoia

    –> So, if it didn’t had “Unique Keycodes” you could be trying to type a phone number and it would give you “gibberish” visual feedback; I can be wrong here as I’m NOT a software developer, but that part is usually basic.
    It can’t be fully removed because then you wouldn’t be able to “communicate” or convey your will to your phone as it wouldn’t be able to “Understand”? what are you trying to do, right?—> following

  16. zerocoolojoia

    Ok, I may have a few “answers”, and please, bear a bit with me , I’m not English Native:
    1º: If you’re using pieces of “Hard Material” to do physical acts, the hardware needs to “Understand” what are you trying to do, if the language being used isn’t the same, right?
    BTW, isn’t the “acronym” U.I. known to “geeks” like many of us as U.(SER) I.(NTERFACE)?
    The digits after the UI are the specific area that you’re using your(our)? language to be translated into the devices language. —> following

  17. RubyKeywordTracker

    I never thought of it like you? put it and I appreciate your views.

  18. herbloob1

    At 8:28 i? was like “OH SHIT HTC FOUND HIM!”

  19. 00Kaleidoscope00

    big brother is watching us, so “don’t be evil” ;)?

  20. 00Kaleidoscope00

    iPhone users are tracked too yes, watch?v=_HTCAomf0bI seems like every company tracks their customers?

  21. TheAwkwordPair

    does this apply to iphone users? can Carrier IQ distibute this information without us know about them doing so? i have questions, please indulge us with your findings on this matter, screw the people below me talking? about irrelevant shit.

  22. angelgomez152

    Close your eyes

    Think of how much? money you want
    Post this on ten other videos

    Look under your pillow

  23. GuitarTKD

    everything but the date seems to be right..?