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Can I publish 100+ pages at once?

Can I publish 100+ pages at once?

Dave from the Philippines asks: “If you have a lot of blog content for a new section of a site (100+ pages), is it best to release it over a period of time, or is it fine to just unleash 100 pages?” Recorded on April 23, 2009.
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  1. almouloudi

    You said a wiki but,? you forgot that a wiki can only increase it’s size by publishing everything, so impossible .

  2. iSamSays

    thats a dumb answer. the question? is from search engine perspective, not user.

  3. iSamSays

    a? wiki

  4. agapitoflores001

    This is very helpful.? I have learned several important things.

  5. almouloudi

    Who would write 1 billion pages of content without publishing it until it finish .?

  6. 50kT

    Duh… High? quality content is original content that adds value to web. Something novel or a different angle on a topic.

    Bad quality is content which is scraped from other sites, content which is not original but has just shuffled the words around or sentences. Content that isn’t original and does not add value is bad content.

    Example: Good content = a 500 word article about some inside info that no one else has
    Bad content = 500 pages copying the info from a major site

  7. vxcriss

    Btw love your videoblogs dude, wasn’t bashing on you or anything? 🙂

  8. vxcriss

    Seriously now, is there any content that hasn’t already been? published in one form or another, I can pick any possible subject in the world and I bet there’s at least 10 other pages that talked about the same thing, so what exactly is quality content? Well, if you’re MC and you post an article where you talk about ducks on your blog, then that’s quality content, if you’re just a random Indian dude talking about ducks, that’s just lame content and you should be ashamed of yourself! 🙂

  9. VectorThorn

    Where do we go to post a question to Google webmaster videos? I have an? interesting question that i think many people may also like to know the answer to…

  10. ideaSYNCrazy

    HQ content is what people google for,? example : google search word -cunni*#&gus

  11. dietcola66

    I once placed over 1.5 million pages — the content went up over the weekend and soon enough –? someone (not google) scraped the content (probably to pinch it) and as there were so many pages the darn thing crashed the sever and so stop all sale for the weekend —

    Thanks MC


  12. GoogleWebmasterHelp

    Hi balajiseo,

    You can ask questions in the Webmaster Help Forum,? which can be found on Webmaster Central. The address for Webmaster Central is at the end of most of our videos (including this one).

  13. billbolmeier

    And for beginners, what is high quality content? Examples of low quality would be good too. I’ll look through your other vids? for that answer as well.


  14. balajiseo

    Can someone say whats the? email id to ask google about my questions?

  15. todnyc

    from 100 to 10,000 pages? at once? lol