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Building Backlinks – Social Bookmarking

Building Backlinks – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another popular way to get some great backlinks pointed to your site. If you don’t know what I mean by social bookmarking, here’s a quick explanation. Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to search for bookmarks of various resources online. They can be a search engine in their own right.

People will bookmark a page or post they like to a variety of sites like Digg,  Reddit, or Tagza for others to find. These sites are crawled often from the search engines so it’s easy to see why marketers like to use these sites because it can help get their site indexed really quick.

On a side note though, there are a lot of people who abuse this and spam these sites for backlinks, forcing the webmasters to constantly change their security procedures. Now that I’ve said that, we can use these sites as a tool without being shady.

When used correctly, they can help to bolster our rankings as well as possibly drive more traffic to our site if our bookmark becomes popular and lots of people click through to our site.

If you have posted something of extreme value to others on your site, you should definitely think about posting the link on a couple of these sites. The key is to make a really good headline.

Log on to some of these sites and check out the most popular bookmarks, and see what ones get the most votes so you can model your title or headline after them. Just don’t outright copy them.

If you post a link and it is very popular that’s great, but if you don’t get so lucky it’s still good to post your link on some social bookmarking sites for a couple of reasons. Not only will it help your site get indexed in the search engines quicker, but you’ll also be getting a good backlink to your site.

Here’s a link to a website that has a vary thorough list of some of the top social bookmarking sites: Search Engine Journal. Sign up to as many of them as you want.

I good idea would be to create shortcuts to all the article directories that you have signed up for and will be posting to along with all the social media sites. Then create a list of all your username and passwords and keep it in that same folder.

If you’re using windows you can create a shortcut by right clicking on any open part of your desktop and scroll down to New where it will give you the option of creating a shortcut or a new folder. That’s just what I do; I’m sure you will figure out what works best for you however.

If you do a little social bookmarking every time you add new content to one of your sites, you will be well on your way to getting your site ranked well. Nothing too crazy, we don’t need to be spamming any sites.

What this does is provide links to your interior pages and not just your home page. This is great for SEO Purposes. While we all want our home page to rank well, we don’t want to forget about other pages of our websites. Remember, websites don’t rank. Pages rank. People often get this wrong when they say something like “ my website ranks in such and such a position for this keyword.”

What they actually mean is that their homepage ranks for that keyword, because chances are that is the one that gets the most attention and that’s also probably the page that people land on the most often.

Getting your other pages ranked well is important, because not only will it help you get more traffic, but it will strengthen the overall power of your site. This technique is known as “Deep linking”. And we want as many good backlinks pointing to various pages on our site as we can.

Another important thing to consider is building internal links from within your site. This is also good for SEO because it helps the search engines navigate your site better, and get a better overall picture of your whole site.

If you write an article that refers to something else you have previously written about on your site, you should definitely add a link pointing to that page.

Hopefully you are starting to see the importance of bookmarking your URLs to many of these different sites. It will be an integral part of your overall backlinking strategy. In addition to social bookmarking and article marketing, we will be taking a look at various other ways to get backlinks including blog commenting, RSS feeds, forum profiles, and YouTube videos .

Plus you can write Wiki articles for backlinks, create ebooks and distribute them, or answer questions on Yahoo Answers! And again, that’s not all. But for right now we are going to focus on the six previous methods mentioned. As you can see, it can quite easily become overwhelming if you don’t have much experience in building backlinks.

So go out and try your hand at submitting some bookmarks to as many of those social bookmarking sites as you want, and when you feel comfortable with this we will move onto the next step.

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