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Building an ibc aquaponic system

Building an ibc aquaponic system

Download the Manual here How to build a really simple IBC aquaponic system using a minimal amount of tools. We also have step by step instructions, parts lists and pictures of many different IBC aquaponic systems. You can download “The IBC of Aquaponics” an interactive pdf manual on building IBC aquaponics systems for free from our website… Totally free, over 180 pages of information. available 18 July 2011. For those who want to complain about the background music in the video, yeah ok, we get it. Every second day there’s another new comment saying turn the music down. The video is what it is, it’s there and it’s free, if you don’t like it, move on to something else.

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25 Responses

  1. nims041

    Nice vid. but I have one question, what do you put inside the bed rack? is it garden soil? stone? or what? coz everytime? I watch aquaponics videos I am always puzzled what to put inside the bed rack for veges..

  2. fdukes30

    first off let me just say very good presentation on this and am looking forward into building my own which will probably turn into a bunch of them lol, but wanted to answer some ?’s people were asking like? how to power it, you can buy solar panels that are more than capable of powering the pump for it and to solve the sun problem simply build in doors if you have the space and these products can be down sized just depends on what you are wanting to grow.

  3. backyardaquaponics

    The growbed on top is? your filter and the bacteria grows on the media in the growbed.

  4. angcos

    excuse me i am new to aquaponics or even cultivation in general. from what i understand this system misses a part. don’t you need? a filter or a tank where bacteria can grow?

  5. econewpower

    Thank you for sharing? your knowledge!

  6. 808quake

    thanks so much. this video and the accompanying pdf? are an amazing thing to offer for free

  7. junkead

    Is it possible to do this? without the help of any battery-powered machines like 23:55?

  8. hjls1974

    great video guys,also good to know whats been in an ibc you purchase,cant be? too carefull,cheers.

  9. lillytimelord

    What tool? are you using to cut into the plastic ?

  10. NCHollop

    Great? video. Thanks

  11. backyardaquaponics

    You can use “muck”? from an aquarium filter, or you can just leave it, the beneficial bacteria will seed it naturally, it may just take a little longer.

  12. mackhinastation

    This is brilliant. You’re amazing!

    It’s a great use of an IBC and they’re super cheap to pick up. Thanks? heaps for sharing the guide for free!

  13. Kntryhart

    For those of us that do not yet have an existing system, how would we “seed”? the tank?
    Thanks for all the information.

  14. thedude83ish

    If you look you can often find once used IBC totes for a lot less than? 300.

  15. yobooyoboo

    Great vid…..nice? setup!!

  16. bartybollocks

    IBC $125 in Angaston South? Australia, much better than paramount br**ns!

  17. flipnitbucketlist

    Very nice video. The best part of? aquaponics is the flexibility you have when creating a system. All you need is some creativity to work with your surrounding and anything is possible.

  18. EliteMasterplan

    Excellent, I can finally put the Mrs to work – may not have to divorce her after all.
    Best protect MY gonads and slip on my protective eyewear when I hand her the? angle grinder me thinks…
    You got that honey? I need 10 in a couple of hours…
    thanks for a great vid (from the Mrs)…

  19. backyardaquaponics

    Yes they can degrade after a few years in the? sun, if you download the manual we talk about painting or cladding your system for the long term.

  20. backyardaquaponics

    Yep, I’ve used bell siphons before but a stand pipe is simpler in the long run.?

  21. audiolabguy

    I? never have a problem finding them in VT on Craigslist. Good luck!

  22. oyinmiebi

    This is a? great video, i learnt a lot. Thanks

  23. Purplehornet25

    well made video with great step-by-step instructions. thanks for the download manual.? kudos!

  24. FVNostrovia

    I just bought an IBC container. I have seen some setups that use a bell siphon. Have you tried that? I was? going to see how it looks when I recieve the tank.

  25. Informatively

    Those tanks look awesome? for aquaponics (cost of that unit $300?) and are expected in that application to have lots of light for the top plant tray I wonder how well they hold up? Plastics are notorious for turning into eggshells after a couple of years in direct sunlight. Most plastic is not UV friendly.