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Building a JavaScript-Based Game Engine for the Web

Google Tech Talk June 11, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by Paul Bakaus. There are many professional game engines out there for consoles, PCs, and mobile handhelds. However, there is one big empty gap, even in 2010: Not a single game engine targets desktop and mobile browsers natively without the use of plugins. In this session, Paul will talk about the challenges of building a pure browser-based gaming engine, how web programming concepts like event-driven architecture need to be considered, and what it means to fully utilize the open web stack—HTML5, client- and server-side JavaScript, external Stylesheets, server-side JavaScript and, of course, Canvas—to squeeze every millisecond of rendering time. We will go into the details of our own upcoming Aves Engine for isometric real-time games and will give you a very solid idea of what needs to be done to build graphically rich, real-time, full featured games for the web. Paul Bakaus is the CTO of the Germany-based startup Dextrose AG, and his corporate work mostly focuses on UX, UI and tricky JavaScript challenges. He is best known for creating jQuery UI, the popular official UI framework for jQuery, where he was the driving force behind many of its plugins.

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  1. JMeyN40

    the claps were hilarious?

  2. behnood karjalian

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  3. Jaden Smith


  4. 6580006247

    go fuck yourself?

  5. walter0bz

    google? NaCl looks awesome…

  6. YangSunWoo

    I don’t know if this is gonna solve your problem but have you tried using? PhoneGap? It’s a way to embed html5 into the whole range of native OSs.

  7. BluesInSeattle

    I finally gave up on using HTML5 as a cross platform game development platform. On Android it is unusable (1-2 fps). Currently native is the only way to go. The way javascript execution blocks tap events in the Android browser is nuts. Short of creating my own custom webview (not? gonna do that), HTML5 is simply a novelty in terms of using the canvas for rendering high performance games.

  8. Spencer Carpenter

    I have been working with HTML CSS and Javascript, I’m working on building a game and have the experience in building the code, testing the? code in all three languages. He says very few people focus in this but maybe this can be the start of a new type of gaming industry that focuses on these languages because of how well rounded they are and how powerful they are becoming.

    We will see in the future =]

  9. GrailWD

    HTML5 is pretty buggy right now. Maybe in a few years it’ll? catch up.


    42:05 the girl? at the top is saying THE CAKE IS A LIE

  11. thomad16

    lol man it’s a? phone cut it some slack.

  12. CapumOfOuttaSpace

    Still no websocket support for android browser? :[

  13. fiyamage

    You’ve saved me many minutes? my friend.

  14. nextblain

    right now, html5 player is really really bad, maybe in? the future it might compete with flash…

  15. Jianju69

    Make no mistake: HTML5 is on the rise (youtube-dot-com/html5) while Flash is in regression (css.dzone-dot-com/news/html5-jobs-flash-down). And to reiterate, you haven’t proven that people trying to study up on HTML5 are being hypocritical in any way, shape, or form. To call? your statement a logical fallacy would be to kindly suggest it is a convincing argument.

  16. dlapp14

    I had no idea they were discontinuing it, but i can see why. Flash? is probably the sloppiest programming language i have learned so far

  17. cminusminus1

    I’m surprised how many people do not get it.
    Flash movie in flash player, even in HTML5 browsers!
    Matches the definition perfectly!?

  18. cminusminus1

    I’m surprised how many people do not get it.
    Flash movie in flash player, even in HTML5? browsers!
    Matches the definition perfectly!

  19. 8bitslime

    Next they’ll probably discontinue photoshop just to be? a bitch >:(

  20. Jianju69

    Just in case you’re a bit? confused:

    hy·poc·ri·sy [hi-pok-ruh-see] noun, plural hy·poc·ri·sies.

    1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

    2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

    3. an act or instance of hypocrisy.

  21. Jianju69

    Good luck? with that! 😉

  22. 8bitslime

    I’ll be back after I kick? Adobe’s ass.

  23. Jianju69

    Are you not aware that Flash is being discontinued by? Adobe?

  24. 8bitslime

    Bitch please, just embed Java / Flash into? your website :

  25. trppmdm

    We’re talking about home computers.? Not about mobile computers with limited battery life. Home computers are pretty much monopolized by flash.