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Brute Force Niche Finder and backlink Script…?? Hey again In this video, I show you this pretty amazing Script Ive developed for my Brute Force SEO Members. This script is included in the BF membership Easy to install in just mins, no database very newbie friendly. Features: 1. Easy to install, edit one file, upload, set permissions, add your related keyword phrases. 2. Provides Related LSI keyword phrase links to your money site. 3. or Provides anchor text links related to the kewyord phrases you provide. 4. ability to add your own themes or templates. 5. Ability to add Your money sites RSS feed, to display its contents providing you with 1, 2, and 3 way backlinks upon every New Post to your site or blog. 6. Earn additional Adsense rev 7. Make ebay rev 8. The main reason I created this script. This Script will index fast and rank well for the terms related to your niche. After just 1 month. Your server or Awstats will provide you with search terms that people used to find this site. These search phrases are just gold.! Why? well weve already proven we can rank for these terms and we know there are people looking for these terms in real time. The internet just provided them to us. We then use these popular terms as anchor test to promote your main money sites with. I created this script to allow the internet to show us what is popular in real time. This real live info will help drive TONS more traffic to your money site. From terms that you cannot find elsewhere. Some of these niches will be so

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