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Breakfast with Google’s Search Team

Google’s search engineers and product managers present on how we’re moving toward building the Star Trek computer of the future. Learn about advances in the Knowledge Graph technology, the Gmail in personal results field trial, and improved speech recognition in our iOS app. To join the Gmail field trial, visit To learn about the latest from the search team, visit

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11 Responses

  1. alexkiv1

    i am very sorry, but when you will fix broken google search results???
    Surely, may be we need star trek super computer of future, but at current? moment looks like current search computer working.not in normal way. Looks like authority kills any relevancy.

  2. MrAnthonyCH

    Soon there is no point in viewing regular website when you get all the information in the search results. You could? almost say that googles future of web is a web without the web, just the search of the google knowledge database. I like the Audio recognition

  3. Cornel O

    To understand that in the future, Google search first pages will? be reserved only for wikipedia-com, youtube-com, amazon-com and imdb-com ?

  4. Nes Anderson

    I’m amused that they didn’t show Amit? Singhal use the voice recognition.
    Quite curious how well it handles accents and speech problems.

  5. hwrdprkns

    Instead of building a search engine can you guys build a time machine instead??

  6. Kyle Polansky

    I really love? these videos, keep them coming!

  7. PHenry500

    I prefer Multivac.?

  8. Daniel Cormier

    When was this? event?

  9. MovGP0

    hoping that this? technology will soon be available in multiple languages

  10. Nure Alam Masud

    Absolutely like it! Go ahead Amit, build? your dream with Google.


    Space the Final Frontier?