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Hello friends I am your friend Robert Mac,

It has been long since I have not come on for discussion. As usual I am here to share a new thing with you all, my experience with a bespoke website. As you all know I like to do things differently. So how could I leave my trait while getting my website made!  I wanted a tailor made website for myself in which I could edit and add subtract things as per my own choice. I wanted my own specifications like allowing users to create accounts and storing and displaying data in the way I wanted.

After a lot of homework and search engine searches I landed to brand web direct. They are skilled people whom I could trust for my bespoke website as I didn’t want to be one among who faced the problem with their bespoke website. I wanted to be lucky in getting a hassle free bespoke website. So, brand web direct was my choice and I gave them the order to construct my website. I wanted a website which would grow with my business along with full control in my hand to update my website whenever required and that too easily. I did not wish to rely on web designers to change the content on and off.

I wished to do them freely on my own. I discussed with the experts on live chat. I was very particular about my website, I choose the design and domain name as per the availability. Then I specified that I needed the facility of uploading unlimited text and images per page, automatic resizing of images, changing alignment of text and images, changing font, size and color automatically.

In the gallery page I specified that I needed unlimited photographs per page, auto resizing of images and thumbnail preview, text descriptions and image captions.

Also I was particular about the security of pages. So I opted for password protection for my site. Unlimited user name and password options were also required.  I also needed user friendly email addresses and its setup.

Also I wanted product pages, shopping cart, postage and packaging options. E commerce was also required. My demand list was high but they agreed to provide me all as per my choice. I was amazed to get such a flawless service that it surpassed my ego and forced me to appreciate their incredible work. You all know my nature I don’t praise anybody but their work was so fantabulous that I have come here to express my thanks to brand web direct. Thank you brand web direct for your work and service. My bespoke website is an ideal for everyone who dream as sophisticated as me. People like you make us dream so absurd and genius like you have the potential to make those horny dreams into reality. Hats off to you brand web direct.

Nars is a passionate Internet enthusiast who spends most of his time in helping small and medium business enterprises to grow and multiply their potential. When he is not staring into the computer he is either reading books or out doing adventure sports.For more information :-  Website Design

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