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Backlinks – What’s The Best Way?

Backlinks – What’s The Best Way?

SEO is a heavily important addition to all web pages of today. If you decide to go without Search Engine Optimization, your website will most certainly never be seen. What SEO does for a web page is that it tells the search engines such as bing, yahoo and google that your specific website is relevant to a certain topic.


For example, let’s say you build a website about parrots. The best thing you can do in a way of SEO is of course to write content that is about this specific creature. Add images and videos about those animals, but also try to get other animal related websites to post a link to your website. The more subject oriented websites that are linking to you, the more important the search engines think your website is.


PageRank: Well, what is PageRank and what impact does it have on our links? PageRank is a grade, if you will, of a website and this grade is provided for each website by google.

It begins on 0 and stops at 10. 10 being the highest value. A lot of web builders are buying links from companies that apply automation tools such as auto pligg to automatically build 1000’s of accounts on forums and blogs, creating a blogpost linking to your website. This may sound like a great way when you want to get higher rankings, but to be honest, those links aren’t worth that much. Let’s assume you buy a package of 5000 links. The links get built for you and you receive a list of all the forum profiles. That sounds really great.


The issue here is that alltheweb and the other search engines won’t index all or any of these fake backlinks so if you’re unlucky you might not even get many links worth from all of these 1000’s of links.

Also, the forum or blog owners know about these methods and deletes profiles or posts that look auto generated and those never used, also deleting the link you have purchased.


So if you are thinking of buying backlinks in bulk like this, I really suggest that you actually go out there and search for real forums and blogs, writing actual posts and comments.. Those posts are much more sure to be indexed and by that, pointing you a good real sticky backlinks.


Many search engine marketers are too lazy to take the time it takes to write quality posts (like this one) and post it out there on web 2.0 sites, article dircetories, blogs. They think that buying 10000 links spammed by a bot will get them top google rankings in a days time. I’m not saying that it definetly won’t work, but I definetely believe in putting in some hard work and building your own backlinks, week after week. This will soon give you higher rankings in the search engines . It takes time, but is definetly woth it.


You can read more about Search Engine Optimization (Sökmotoroptimering) on my website:

Hi, I’m Abe and I am an SEO -Expert, I have been doing SEO for 7 years and I know what works and what does not.

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