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Backlinks: How To Dramatically Increase Your Rankings

Backlinks: How To Dramatically Increase Your Rankings

Low to poor to horrible backlinks to a site is an SEO mistake usually made by marketers who are newer to IM. But if you plan out a link building campaign that has every little piece in place, then you can overtime improve your search engine ranking and also get a higher Google Page Rank. This also creates indirect traffic since every incoming link to your site is an entry point that sends visitors.

We strongly advise against doing any link exchanges or reciprocal backlinking because they do not have the weight they once had. Backlinking is not hard, rather it can be boring, but we’ll share some good suggestions you can begin using immediately.

Considering the use of press releases for backlinks, obviously it would take a lot to get large numbers, but you can point some good page rank power to your site using releases.

You can easily get hundreds of one-way links for your business with a simple press release when you submit it to a large number of press release websites. These websites then go ahead and distribute your press release to various news outlets on the web. However, for the unfortunate many in IM, the full utility of press releases is not understood or taken advantage of. Usually the only thing you need to do is take the time to go through the process, and it is pretty easy to do.

The actual distributing of your press release is very simple to do, and it basically just involves setting up an account. An extremely powerful way to get high quality backlinks to your site is to make use of the article directories.

These article directories are seen as “authority websites” by Google and turn out to be a great, no cost way to grow your link popularity. Every article you publish with a directory can include at least one link to your site in the resource box, and some directories even allow links within the article itself. Articles that you publish this way can bring you immediate traffic from the directories, and also very useful one way links. Furthermore, these links will be coming from content that you’ve created, so you can make optimal use of this.

Discussion forums are another resource for getting links, if you take advantage of the signature file, where you are able to place a link. You should join several popular forums relevant to your niche and become active on them, starting and responding to threads. If you become a regular contributor, other members will start to get interested in you and take a look at your website. And the best part? You are not only getting valuable, relevant links, but also direct traffic from people interested in your niche. Knowledge is power in IM and SEO , so always keep learning and taking action. Try to avoid letting your rankings drop because it’s something we think you won’t want, and then you’ll have to do a lot of work getting it back there.

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