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Awkward – Secret Service Denials Prank

Kevin and David live to serve and protect. Now if only someone would protect you from them. See more Awkward every Wednesday. Featuring Kevin Brueck – View and extended take here: Like Break on Facebook –
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24 Responses

  1. MrIvanKite

    I lost it when he? called him Paul Blart!

  2. adeelislam5

    wtf is wrong with that? mans voice

  3. NiiXolaZ

    The power of a? suit and bluetooth….

  4. MufuFinkie

    oh? the paul blart bit killed me

  5. EVELYN5830

    LMAO Paul Blart that had me on the floor?

  6. toolworks

    Omfg! The confidence tricks always pays off. “A little above your? pay grade”. xD

  7. AlanRedgown

    “Do you plan on making out with anybody today, ma’am?”?

  8. neatneatneat815

    I love how he got a number from the blonde, and 1:55 “To be honest with you Paul Blart, it’s a? little bit above your pay grade.” Fucking lol.

  9. Divinized

    I’m wearing a nice suit for the rest of my life, that? way I can control people.

  10. RohandraBonisha

    how do u guys not get in trouble for this o.o?

  11. louzts88

    to be honest with you Paul Blart, its a little? above your pay grade!! lmao

  12. andyynwa94

    LMFAO @? 2:05 the guy on the right was in pure disbelief! XD

  13. andyynwa94

    LMFAO @ 2:05 the guy on the right was? in pure disbelief! XD

  14. 1hanzus

    why would you assume that? ._.

  15. Kronikwookie

    wowwww “Maybe you guys could? watch my daughter some time”
    Mother/Daughter foursome????

  16. myf0lk

    lmao called the security? guard Paul Blart

  17. DLEV770

    It’s a little above your paygrade, paul blart.
    security guard: 🙁 do you have to talk to? me like that?

  18. jayman4x4

    this was filmed inside of a scion!! like if you? noticed as well!!

  19. dkdk08jr

    Funny? part was when they call the security guard paul blart…lmfao!!

  20. VivaLibano


  21. acpunk321

    he gottt her number haha.? nice.

  22. maggieyu95

    Ok? Paul blart lol

  23. MelancholyApples

    y is? the blondes face sencored an every1 eles not?

  24. sonof9411

    paul blart was a? good security guard