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Amazing Chocolate Easter Eggs

Amazing Chocolate Easter Eggs

An excerpt from Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations during the Spain episode where a chocolatier has redesigned the chocolate egg.
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25 Responses

  1. akuorekelate

    50 euro?? rather buy tons of cadburry bar

  2. loudwaters9

    Ikebana some chocolate flower arrangements? out of it and BAM!

    you got a winner.

  3. MochiNyoki

    I think this? is so stupid lol.

  4. AlexaZinger

    Weird part of youtube? AGAIN!

  5. thefowlyetti2

    Where are the face? huggers?

  6. frandu25

    sorry but for it’s basic?

  7. Isabellasmif7


  8. ShinyGlacea

    Chocolate airbrush. YYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS.?

  9. Tosteriffic

    It’s edible art, basically.?

  10. loverofmythology

    i’d get it if? it was FILLED WITH CHOCOLATE!!! that better taste good

  11. OldeVikingOriginal

    they? fill them with bourbon chocolate sause

  12. Esuna

    I don’t get it… its a chocolate egg with a hole? in the top… i just dont get it 🙁

  13. cammy6321

    How did I get here?

  14. vickypickyX3

    im at the delicious part of youtube 😀 this should? happen more often XD

  15. danfrr88

    Mi mamá hace chocolate desde el? cacao, es todo un arte, son recetas muy viejas desde siglos 15 o 16, le enseñe tu video, le encanto tu trabajo, muchas felicidades desde México jovén español, 50 euros aunque digan que es mucho sí te lo pagan pues que, saludos

  16. Jessica616ify

    I would like to? rapidly stuff one of those in my face.

  17. FollowRevolutionNine

    I think it would be fine to have? at a party or something. But if it was for anything else, I think it would be too expensive.

  18. asianbeauty6

    this guy? has way too much free time

  19. minamoush

    50 euros is way too expensive for what it is.. plus the? way he works if really dirty…

  20. TheMimileigh

    Wow, you must be rather fat to have? that many chins.

  21. veeraxo123

    cant we just use hair dryer? instead on waiting under the sun

  22. MrDan08096

    its for kids as swell and teenagers and for every one :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  23. Thedude90000

    but? the egg not hollow… but i do think it cost a lot but it does take a lot of time to make it

  24. DeaderNBetter

    pretty pretentious ?