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Aboard the Amtrak Maple Leaf #63 to Toronto, ON

‘Like’ us on Facebook! This is video footage from Aboard the Amtrak Maple Leaf #63 to Toronto, ON Canada. Trip was taken on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011. I apologize for the clarity of the video in the beginning. The windows were filthy on the Maple Leaf this time. I was able to clean the window at Syracuse, so clarity is much better after then. You can find Geotagged photos from the trip here: Below is an index of what you will see in this video: 00:27 – The Hudson River 01:03 – MTA Croton-Harmon Yard & Station 02:19 – Poughkeepsie, NY 03:39 – Engine Change @ Albany-Rensselaer 04:33 – Departing Albany-Rensselaer 05:27 – Crossing the Hudson River 05:41 – The Mohawk River 06:08 – Arriving Utica Station 06:40 – Former P&W Locomotive 06:59 – Departing Syracuse Station 08:52 – Rochester, NY 09:47 – The Niagara River 11:11 – Crossing the US-Canadian Border 11:22 – Niagara Falls Mist 12:58 – Burlington Bay 12:35 – GO Transit 14:25 – Arriving in Toronto in a downpour.
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  1. romino707

    There are no sleepers on the Maple Leaf.?

  2. Gunfighter1b

    The Utica station is pretty well preserved for an old station, better than most are. There is a GG1 standing at the State Fair Grounds just after Syracuse.though? it would have been seen on the other side. I’ve got a video of the Maple Leaf arriving at Depew and Buffalo on my channel if you want to check it.

  3. stcatharinesrailfan

    That has changed on the maple leaf they interview in the Cafe Car now only people? getting off at NF go into customes

  4. Mike77E9

    We do go through customs. At Niagara Falls, ON, they make you get off the train and walk through? customs that’s located in the station there. Once everyone is screened – you get back on. On the Adirondack to Montreal – the customs officials just come on board and go through the people on the train.

  5. cyndie26

    How did you cross the border without going through security??

  6. trooper40below

    @inserenity75 I have rode several of Amtrak’s routes.? My favorite is the California Zephyr, Coast Starlight, Empire Builder, and Southwest Chief. You should ride those if you ever get a chance but the CZ is the best. Capital Limited and Sunset Limited are also very nice.

  7. RCdash9

    I just took the Maple Leaf to Toronto last month! We were stuck in? between Syracuse and Rochester for over an hour, and it set us back 3 hours, all because of a switch problem on Good ‘Ol CSX.

  8. Mike77E9

    We went coach. 12 hours from NY to Toronto.?

  9. bhv1960

    How long was the? trip? Did you have a sleeper or ride coach? My wife and I went from VA to Texas with a layover in New Orleans. I want to schedule a trip to Niagara maybe next summer. Great video.