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A Selection Of Some Of The Best Backlinks Analysis Tools

A Selection Of Some Of The Best Backlinks Analysis Tools
When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation , backlinks analysis is a critical task that you must perform on a regular basis. Backlinks analysis is essentially the process of reviewing the backlinks that are pointing into your website. Anyone with some knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation will know that backlinks essentially means better rankings the more authoritative, relevant, trusted and important backlinks you have pointing into your website, the more likely you are to rank prominently for some of your main target terms. There are quite a few backlinks analysis tools out there on the market, but this article will focus on two of the more popular options and how to use them.

One of the most popular backlinks analysis tools is Yahoo Site Explorer. Yahoo Site Explorer allows users to view all of the internal and external backlinks pointing into a site and also all of the links pointing to either a single URL or the entire site. Yahoo Site Explorer is probably the most used backlinks analysis tool amongst SEO professionals, this is based mainly on the fact its owned and operated by one of the leading providers in search and provides a very good indication on the full quantity of relevant backlinks pointing into a site. The main alternatives offered by mainstream search engines are Googles Link command or a backlinks analysis within Webmaster Tools, neither of these options are as useful or insightful as Yahoo Site Explorer, particularly when it comes to monitoring competitors activity.

Another useful backlinks analysis tool is Open Site Explorer. This tool is a recent development from the team at SEOMoz and is based around their Linkscape index. While not as comprehensive as Yahoo Site Explorer, Open Site Explorer offers a number of useful features including the ability to spot 302 temporary redirects, no followed links and also the ability to determine the authority of a page linking into your site.

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