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9/11 Prophecy Dollar Bill

I know… is nothing that nobody knows… I decided to post this video here, because You Tube donĀ“t have this video (i think)… Anyway, you can find this video in Google… As we can see, when the dollar bill are folded, we can see the Twin Towers in 5 dollar, in the 10, one of the towers already had been attacked, the 20, the second tower had also attacked, in 50, the Towers they start to fall and finally, the 100, the two Towers they had been in leached ashes… Unfortunately, this video is not complete, because in the back of the 5 dollar bill, we can see the Pentagon unbroken and in the back of the 20 dollar bill, the Pentagon is destroyed… One more thing… These notes was manufactured and printed in 1996 until 2000… Is conspiracy, coincidence or prophecy…?! By the way, George Bush Sr. announces the New World Order at 9/11/90, 11 years before the attack at Setember 11… I remember as well, the Twin Towers formed like the number eleven… One of many simbolic illuminati number like 1, 13, 22, 33… and many hidden simbolics images… Now, follow the next links (Is NOT virus): 5 Dollar Bill : 10 Dollar Bill : 20 Dollar Bill : In the back : AND MORE : 50 Dollar Bill : AND FINALLY : 100 Dollar
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  1. beachboyTx

    And that is why Marijuana is? prohibited, it stimulates you’re brain to another level. wake up brother.

  2. mohamedAlsaid

    What’s the chance of you see this kind of thing in every dollar bill? And the most interesting? fact is: it’s chronological, in the 1 dollar bill the towers are 100%, on the next three they’re burning more and more, and on the 100 bill dollar, there’s only smoke. SICK

  3. antisportisti

    Yo, have you heard of this plan called the Intellitus Cash System? (google it). My uncle? says it makes people plenty of cold hard cash.

  4. AlexJonesClips

    I have exposed HUNDREDS of Alex? Jones LIES.

    Click my name. Check out my YouTube channel.

  5. chazzman114

    -_-…. The attacks were on 9/11 as a joke from who attacked? us.

  6. charlespurin

    is that the rockefeller plaza? on the five dollar bill?

  7. mythbeatz

    @exitwoundz1 @theawesome70 911 has been the emergency services decades before September? 11th.u mafuckaz r dumb,like when yall was a kid n school the teachers n.cops and firefighters never came to ya school n.said make sure to dial 911 in case of an yall saying it started after,wow

  8. MrStevenDok

    emergancy service was 911 before? september 11

  9. wizardman55

    This is really cool, it? kinda makes you wonder what the chances are that something like could be, from the building of the twin towers on the $5 to the ashes on the $100.

  10. BeStrongNevrGivUp

    i agree? with him v.v

  11. ExitWoundz1

    Stop being? paranoid morons.

  12. ExitWoundz1

    … I am pretty sure it became? 911 after the attacks.

  13. TheAwesome70

    Why do u think? the emergency services is 911

  14. testarn2010

    Retards.. How can this even make some sort of evidence for you? Folding a bill, spelling words backwards etc. Naive.. The system is corrupt – it’s not harder than that. Stop gettin into this illuminati bs and see trough it all? instead. Wake up

  15. ProductionsFerguson

    never trusted America. never? will.

  16. ProductionsFerguson


  17. MrPeiv

    Never heard of that movie? The Matrix?

  18. 123mankini

    ? lol

  19. ealmazan99

    I dont get? what 50 is

  20. Adonai4all

    most of it is a lie… under the control of? Rothschild Banksters and Masonic Lodge Members…

  21. phoenixSil3rgirl

    Is the whole world a? lie?

  22. sa5spurs

    I’m gonna start to carry a SECRET WEAPON!!!?

  23. diptdipt

    In all this game, the devil is the victim, is the scapegoat, will be accused of everything because the GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in? the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form, following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil because he is just a temporary puppet. Jesus Christ is our savior and our hope!

  24. SNGVproductions

    Fuck? the government

  25. RillaNL

    I believe? that this is illuminati..