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5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition – There are a lot of big SEO strategies and rules out there to help you gain some ground in the search engine rankings . That said, sometimes it’s the small things you do with SEO for your site that can make the difference so you can outrank a competing website. Here are 5 Quick Mini SEO Tips to help you gain an edge over your competition and hopefully, in time, surpass them in the search engine rankings (and hold your position).

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  1. seotastic

    great? video on SEO pat

  2. AlexRaGeAHoLiC

    nice videos you? just won +1 sub 😉

  3. KasperToxvig

    Thanks for some? very nice tips!:) How old was you when you started doing affiliate marketing?:)

  4. VooDoo93milan

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  5. ferhaddd

    you? look like xavi from barca !

  6. AskAnthonyJohnson

    Hi Pat

    Thanks for SEO tips I? really like how you automate the no follow tag for your affiliate links with the plugin I might have to use that it will save alot of time using that plugin

    Thanks Anthony

  7. seospecialist

    i work for seo specialist and tip number 2 is very important, the smaller the permalink the? better as people don’t want to read something long

  8. harlemtalkradio

    Great insightful video seo tutorial. ?

  9. jamoritz

    Thanks, this really is useful stuff 🙂
    Best regards from? Germany!


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  12. rhythmhub

    Did not know? about the no-follow in affiliate links…everything else I knew (because of SPI) but thanks Pat

  13. PimpingRice

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  14. h1ghnezz

    hi pat, thanks for the interesting content.
    i have a question about the permalink: beside the links it says “CHANGE PERMALINK” but not “EDIT”. so i cant change the link just the overall settings about the link? structure. do you know why and how i can fix that?

  15. SueBM321

    Great video.? Nice analogy on the Google juice box! LOL.

  16. violetgrl

    Hey Pat, great tips! Fortunately, I have put my keyword in the image title and alt text, but not in the image name–I’ll do that! You said that people add images to make the posts look better. True! In Thesis I put the URL for the image in the “post image and thumbnail” box so? that my image has a pretty frame and a thumbnail automatically generated. Now I notice that the scroll over doesn’t work for images added in this way vs inserting them in the posts. I had no idea this was hurting my SEO!

  17. MrSpydoo

    Thanks, good reminders? for me.

  18. robingg6

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  19. christinio

    Wow Pat, you need to update your plugins 🙂 It’s a? HUGE security risk, seriously.

  20. TheMatt7000

    The main link on your Google+? business page IS a do follow link 😉

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  22. SmartPassiveIncome

    Most sites won’t give you a nofollow code, no matter who they are, until you specify it yourself. It’s not Google’s job to make sure the site you post it on has the best link juice possible. Plus, they don’t follow a lot of their own advice anyways (like the new content above the fold algorithm change that just? came out…most searches show very little content above the fold nowadays – mostly ads).

  23. CussinSailor36

    Ok…got a question…if Google does not like the affiliate links and will allow you to lose juice from your? post, then why doesn’t Google use “no follow” in it’s own affiliate code? I am using Google affiliate code on my blog Indie Sessions dot com. I’ve checked their code and there is no “no follow” code in it. Should I be adding this in anyway? Even though it’s a Google entity?

  24. Ruben3065

    Train? By day Pat Flyn Blog by Night!!! All Day!!!

  25. BrainBurpsAboutBooks

    I? will go look! Thanks…as what? As USUAL, Pat!