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324-whoissugar OOTD How to Wear a Boxy Shirt AND You Can Have Shirt Off My BACK!

StyleMint READ ME! I DARE YOU! Where am I online? MY BLOG: LINK TO BLOG POST Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Instagram: whoissugar Camera: Canon 60D Editing Software: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Hair: Updo situation. See this video: Everything that I wear is mentioned and listed in the video except for two photos at the end and the last section of video. The two photos at the end: The Jeans are vintage Levi’s. The skirt is BCBG and the belt is Betsy Johnson. The last portion of video (with me dancing) I’m wearing a pair of BCGB Jeans. I didn’t include the last looks in the video BECAUSE I didn’t feel like doing the voice over. O_O Other Stylemint videos : Giveaway Rules (also stated on my blog) BLOG POST: You must want the shirt. Leave a comment (on my blog). You can only enter once. Open internationally. Closes in 1 week (2 Aug 2012 at 11:59pm EST). The winner will be chosen randomly using I’ll post the winner here on this blog post AND contact the winner directly. If you are new to posting comments, your comment will be held until moderated. Possible concerns and FAQ’s: I have a house with a cat, however, I made it a point to keep the cat away from the shirt. I can NOT guarantee that there are no kitty fibers on the shirt. If you are allergic to cats. Don’t enter. I ran the shirt in the dryer. Why must I enter on
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25 Responses

  1. MsKia0302

    Ok….. I need to go workout!?


    Awesome Dance :o) lol Your super cool.?

  3. oliveson15

    you look sooo pretty!!!?

  4. dribaby91

    lol you are a hoot I need to just subscribe and? stop playing I love your vids especially the ones about how to style a certain piece. You just got a new fan 🙂

  5. sunangel925

    I realized just how addicted I? am to your ootd videos when I heard my child in another room singing “ooww, look at my shoes”

  6. nassuvian242

    lol..ur very funny?

  7. NaturalBeautiMe

    absolutely loooove it. U? pulled it off Sug

  8. Fatima Siad

    Yea, my thoughts exactly. I just thought that aswell. Someone out there may have wanted the shirt WAY more than us. I had told Sug about your problems as well. Shrugs maybe we’ll get lucky another time. I told her this: “I’ll try again, but if I don’t get it to work? that’s okay. 🙂 Someone else will probably love and enjoy the shirt much more than I would. Maybe I’ll be lucky? next time.” I’m bummed out but.. Chin up. Hope to hear from you again. If I hear anything else I’ll message you. 🙂

  9. ShaykeepJesus1st

    Sorry for the late response Fatima, nope I never got on, I guess I felt defeated and gave up (sad face). It’s ok maybe it was just meant for someone else special.?

  10. Fatima Siad

    magic I feel? better! Hugs. Congrats to whoever wins.

  11. Fatima Siad

    I’m unable to copy the code. When I do type the code down, and press the post the comment button thats when I get to another page that says click back and copy the correct password. I’ll try again, but if I don’t get it to work that’s okay. 🙂 Someone else will probably love and enjoy the shirt much more than I would. Maybe I’ll be lucky next time. I wish? I had someone in my life like you, your really one of kind. Whenever I’m feeling down I just go to your vid about being yourself. And like

  12. Honeyroastedalmond

    Ms. Sug, I sooooo need those green britches? in my life, lol!

  13. whoissugar

    Question, are you? copying and pasting the code or are you typing out the code as you see it? I’m not sure why you’re still having difficulties. I tried it on my end and it works fine.

  14. BeauGorgeousNatural

    Love ya style? Sug!!!

  15. levone5121

    I loved the way your styled the shirt.? I especially loved the unexpected green pants. I think the top looked great on you!

  16. luvelyjay

    Sug you? are hilarious!! Loved this video and those outfits ROCKED!!

  17. adreya31

    Amazing style?

  18. christielove1110

    Girl, you crack me up with the remix. Lol!?

  19. whoissugar

    No, I don’t see it.?

  20. LuLuABlessedSurvivor

    You are very welcome. Will do! Love the shirt but on the blog I was having trouble posting? my comment!

  21. HappilyNaturallit26

    Girl you have? TASTE!! I love love love! #iLOVE

  22. Mizkitty03

    lol @ owwww u? better rub your leg

  23. Fatima Siad

    Hey Sug I’ve tried but its still doing the same thing. Another subscriber said she was? having the same problems(I think her name was ShaykeepJesus1st-I don’t if she’s gotten on by now. Me, still no luck. ;'(

  24. BeautifulEHuman

    lmao @ 3:42, i sho be? missin u lol

  25. Fatima Siad

    Have you? got on yet???? I’ve had no luck. I’m going to try again and then info Sug, she wanted for me to tell her if it didn’t work again.