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3 Ways to Get Free Back Links

3 Ways to Get Free Back Links

It seems as though Google provides more traffic than any other source for pretty much every website out there. When it comes to traffic, it’s the single most important thing a webmaster needs to pursue. So, how does one acquire, and maintain a steady traffic inundation from Google? Quite simply, it all relies on ones Search engine optimization skills. Back links are what determine a sites rank, more than any other variable in the Google algorithm. Here are 3 quick ways to obtain free back links, and get your site moving up the Serps:

#1 Forums
Post links in your signature at some of the more popular “do-follow” forums out there. It helps if the forum is somewhat related to the topic of your website. Spend a good 20-30 minutes a day making replies to threads that interest you in these higher Page ranked forums.

#2 Create Free Blogs
Sites like Blogger, Squidoo, and tumblr allow one to create a free blog.

Create a blog at various free blogging sites about your topic, and then link to your page that you want ranked high. Spend 30 minutes each day writing 1-2 blog posts about your topic at these free blogging sites. Then submit each blog post to the various social news sites like Digg, Mixx, etc.

#3 Profiles
There are hundreds of sites out there that allow you to sign up, and create a profile. Many of these sites allow you to put links in your profile info. These are great ways to obtain back links to the site you wish to promote, as Page rank is passed to these profiles from the main website usually. Remember not to spam, and always to post in good taste. Spend 30 minutes a day creating profiles at some of the various sites which allow them.

If you spend an hour and a half a day 5 days a week, on the above SEO methods for a good month, there is no doubt in my mind your page will be a Page rank 4 or 5 after 30-45 days.

You will rank high, and hopefully be the recipient of lots of search engine traffic.

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