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3 Top ways to generate natural backlinks

3 Top ways to generate natural backlinks

Google is increasingly adopting more sophisticated techniques in spotting poor quality webpages and links. Thus, if you employ a ridiculously low price PR links services, or embark on complete automated linking system, Google would ultimately penalize you for attempting to play a fast game on them.

One of the best ways to move yourself forward to the top 10 results on Google search page is to ensure that the links that point to your website are relevant to your site’s topic and theme. Also, the linking should be acquired naturally.

Here are top ways to get natural backlinks:

Make your website link-worthy
Webmasters are not interested in a site that is merely a collection of affiliate links. A website with quality content is what appeals to webmasters. Here are some pattern of articles that webmasters love linking to; they include controversial content, as well as ‘how to’ articles.
Your website should be in the right framework
Links from internet directories do not have high quality effect as before. However, they are still very useful for structuring a website’s context the right way. First, ensure that you list your site under a relevant category. This way, you can easily rank higher for keywords or phrases related to the chosen category.
Become a Problem Solver
One of the best ways to be a problem solver in your niche is to provide valuable content that solves a specific problem. Then, it would be easier to convince related quality websites to link to your site – they would certainly be interested in content that provides solution to a problem. Also, contact bloggers who have such content featured on their sites, they are most likely to link to your website.

When the websites that link to you, employ the keywords that are related to your linked texts (the texts are usually the ones you want to achieve higher ranking), your chances of achieving quality ranking would be improved. Also, the texts that these webpages use in linking to your website should not be the same, otherwise it would appear unnatural.

Also, do not concentrate the back-links on your homepage, ensure that you circulate them to other pages of your website. If you employ the right techniques for generating natural backlinks, you will be on your way to occupying the first 10 positions on Google’s search result page.

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