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19 Quick Firefox Keyword Searches – Examples of Searching

Have a problem? Ask in the forum: or the live chat: More help on adding keywords here: Here I show several keyword searches which I have programmed into my firefox. They may be useful for you. Youtube Search: Translate Webpage File Search: Film Search Image Search: Video Search: Torrent Search: Lyrics Search: Google Define Search (Add Manually): Spell Search: Thesaurus Search: Shopping: Map Wiki Search: Ping IP Check: WhoIS: Traffic Netdisaster (Add Manually):
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13 Responses

  1. broncosfan867

    ahahahahaha the last part made me laugh “damn u!”? haha

  2. Meofka

    Thank you! It’s very important to me now to optimize? my browzer… after using my computer by my brother… =))))

  3. pengut

    duncan how can i watch full? length movies?

  4. sickhman

    thanks Duncan… and all the best in the exams. Thanks for taking time to reply. Appreciated!?

  5. mobilephone2003

    stylish? firefox addon

  6. sickhman

    hey duncan, your tutorials are quite helpful. I just wana ask is that how can I make my google & youtube black, i.e. in colour, like yourselves.
    Please let me if? you could.
    J.V. Smith

  7. TheDJRavine

    awesome mate..
    I didnt even? realise this feature was included..
    10/10 mate.. well done…

  8. mobilephone2003

    of course 🙂

    I’ll probably make a video on optimizing it? and make you all jealous of what I can do with crap specced laptops 😀 lol

  9. hdsheena

    Can? you tell me more about it? Make a vid about it when you get it? What it does and doesn’t do? What kinds of things/people it’s good for?

  10. mobilephone2003

    im getting? one next week 😛

  11. hdsheena

    Can you? do a vid on asus eee? I’ve been looking at getting one for school next year..

  12. x0xHellzSpawnx0x

    lol that WAS? pretty funny the way he said it 😛 Nice vid. I added metrolyrics to my ff 🙂

  13. randomafied

    aah? its mispelled ur a retard lol