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16 year old builds tiny home to guarantee mortgage-free future

Austin Hay is still in high school, but he’s building his own house. It’s only 130 square feet, but it makes him a homeowner without a mortgage at just 16 years old. Right now, it’s parked in his parents’ backyard, but he’s built it on wheels so he plans to take it to college and then wherever he goes after he graduates. He’s been sleeping in his tiny home for a few months now and he’s already decided not to return to big (his parents’ home is 1800 square feet). “Living small means less bills, living big means more bills,” he explained from the tiny stoop of his new home. “I don’t want to pay big bills”. Hay’s 130-square-foot home may make him the youngest member of the growing Small House Movement. Hay expects to spend about 000 building his home (the used trailer cost him 00) and he’s paying for it working two summer jobs (at a camp and at a park snack bar). He’s cut his costs in half (the home’s estimated DIY price is 000) though this is a considerable discount from the home’s estimated price of 000 because Hay has scavenged everything from doors, windows and flooring to the kitchen sink (the hardwood floors were at a salvage yard and so was the stainless steel sink). For more info & links, original story here:

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25 Responses

  1. captainawesum1

    some mobile homes have a toilet shower combo that might be something to look into

  2. captainawesum1

    he gunna need? a big truck…good job kid

  3. mevanz

    Great job kid, and great attitude. So many people watching are probably thinking “Man, I should do something like that”, and that’s great- but you’re doing it, and that’s the difference. You’re undoubtedly a smart guy, but the fact that you’ve built this in such a simple way is probably more likely to influence people than other similar designs that have more bells & whistles, that may look better (no offence; I love? your modest, uncomplicated layout) but may intimidate the common man.

  4. nasaronh

    This kid? deserves a kudo’s. Way to take some initiative! Keep up the good work!

  5. JPInformation

    This kid is awesome. Kids should work and find their? talents as teenagers. He seems very well-adjusted and sensible, but he still seems youthful. I’m raising my teen in Thailand, and some of the Thai parents of his friends don’t believe in teenagers working and earning money. I think this is so important, and I continue to teach this to my kid. Video v=WhbQ6omJ5Fg has more insight into the differences in raising teens between Westerners and Thais.

  6. thegertkenator

    Like a? boss!

  7. midgetwithstrapon

    also you like to wank yourself by padding your own shoulder online.. how? proud you must be.

  8. ShallowGroundDrummer

    What country allows any size houses that aren’t inspected and up? to code? Where’s there a codeless municipality? Looks nice 🙂 It would make a really nice Ice fishing shack up here!!

  9. tht1person100

    does he have blueprints for? this

  10. Taheiro

    Prove? it.

  11. skiball100points

    Cause rent’s expensive. College towns have really high rent? around the university and dorm rooms are almost twice as much as a shared apartment without giving you a kitchen or shower. And what else should he be focusing on? Something “useful” like shakespeare?

  12. skiball100points

    He’s right. Building a house is basically measure, cut, measure. You need to know where the plumbing/electrical go, but that just takes a little planning and? thought. Kudos to this guy.

  13. wyattb995

    I’ll? help if you want. what part of florida are you in

  14. shortdawg11

    yo come to FL and build? me a 3bd rm one!

  15. 111dragonslayer

    wow this kid is? smart

  16. HoneyBadger4242

    he has a trailer and? a small unfinished house….where is the car he’s going to hual it with

  17. Dilan Ginn

    Um dude? it’s called an apartment or a dorm room .

  18. toothpicksinmyhair

    Sounds like me “I’ll have, I’ll have,? I’ll have” but I don’t have it… yet.

  19. hhueston

    when i? started watching this i was like wtf why would anyone want that? and after finishing the video… I WANT ONE!!!

  20. CriMSWoW

    if anything he’ll see it as a portable cabin. boom?

  21. INUIT3333

    These young generation is a good generation!
    My? respect!
    Greetings from an almost 60 years old German

  22. chesp14

    it just that he could have such a bright future and great opportunities, yet he stays focused on building a house on wheels. not what a teenager should be focusing on if you ask me. sure its a cool project, but its more like a father/son thing i think. And honestly, why in the world would you want? that to be your house thru college? to each his own i geuss

  23. chesp14

    that makes? no sense

  24. pinkfurryhat

    i would do this if I didnt live in hawaii. You cant just go to a? trailer park exactly :/

  25. Mrrrch1nkys

    maybe because hes? living