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155555 Dominoes – Comics and Cartoons – CDT 2011 (3D/HD)

155555 Dominoes - Comics and Cartoons - CDT 2011 (3D/HD)

Our Website: Our Facebook: Facebook App: Our Twitter: The CDT team proudly presents you its fourth event! This year’s theme was “Comics & Cartoons”. We set up 155555 dominoes with lots of fields and effects. It took one year to plan, one week to prepare and one more week to build. Cleaning it up took two days. Here’s a long version, including the full show, the projects that didn’t topple, more timelapses of the building, a much longer edit of the falldown and more extras: YouTube channels of the team members (besides IIIIIDominoIIIII): Annodominovideos BerserkerBerlin DavyDomino dominofan marcelkamps MHeDomino MultiDominofreak millionendollarboy spring476 TimDomino Wdomino Free download of the music:
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25 Responses

  1. JFAcoustic



  2. Mark Antonie

    Asterix And Obelix?

  3. Caitlyn Simpson

    Oh mein Gott, ist mein Nachname in dem Video! Dies ist erstaunlich? ernst Jungs. Gute Arbeit!! 🙂

  4. bpblast34

    asterix i learnd it in french? class

  5. 94Noack

    #1 reason i would never try something like this: fear of? being the asshole who accidently knocks it down early

  6. heather421891

    Vghggkauhghgr?? Deed!? Bbbbbwshhshssggsgsgsgsgsgshshs

  7. supersayingoku13897

    chuck norris built this? in 14 seconds

  8. uiuiui7

    Hm… kann man da nichts machen für nächstes? mal?


    Naja,? es waren halt so viele drin, wie Karten da waren. Mehr hätten auch definitiv nicht reingepasst 😀

  10. uiuiui7

    Ging? ja ziemlich viel schief dieses mal, aber mal ne Frage … warum sind da so wenig Zuschauer ? Das müsste doch eigentlich die Massen anziehen!

  11. coolman0893

    An Asian dad’s favourite part would? be the A++ at 3:18

  12. Lin daisy

    after watching this video i was detemined to do my own!! and then? i realized i only have one box of dominoes!:(

  13. mrvanessa1302

    super iper mega duplo chocante aterorisante fail

  14. rainbowcola13

    how much money you? lost?

  15. TheBenk84


  16. 232minecrafter


  17. MrUtuber96

    @IIIIIDominoIIIII thanks bro, when i was little, it used to come on T.V and really wanted? to watch it again 🙂

  18. IIIIIDominoIIIII

    It’s a French comic and it’s called? “Asterix” 🙂

  19. MrUtuber96

    can somebody? please tell me what is the name of the cartoon at 1:37 ??

  20. inuyasha13891

    ITS OVER NINE? THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. IIIIIDominoIIIII

    its no destruction of the art 😉 it becomes alive when toppling the firstd domino? 🙂

  22. akup1000

    weirdest art? ever! u build something really hard and then u destroy it!

  23. lojoe1256

    who cleaning? up XD

  24. SkateboarderTV

    He was? being sarcastic. -.-

  25. Christopher Florence

    because other people have fucking lives?