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? Minecraft Custom Maps – Skyblock Survival – Part 2 Snow! – Ft. XxxGamerChick26xxX

? Minecraft Custom Maps - Skyblock Survival - Part 2 Snow! - Ft. XxxGamerChick26xxX

Remember to leave a comment and rating! (= See the Full Minecraft: Skyblock Survival series here ? ? Minecraft: Skyblock Survival – Part 2? In this episode of the Minecraft: Skyblock Survival we begin expanding the Island in hopes of making it a little more “safe”. As we work it begins to SNOW!. (= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Follow Me At Twitter – Facebook Fan Page – Support tgnLetsPlay – =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ? Minecraft ? Minecraft revolves around one simple principal: survival. The game is split into day and night cycles. During the day, you spend time gathering resources, whether it be searching for ore, digging holes, fishing or planting crops. Night is spent either indoors, mining underground tunnels, building tools or running around outside being chased by monsters. Genre? First-Person Action Publisher? Mojang Developer? Mojang =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Map Download Link – Texture Pack Download Link – =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Music featured in the video Introduction is by Epilogue! Song Title: Lights Epilogue Youtube: Epilogue Myspace: =-=-=-=-=Follow TGN Let’s Play=-=-=-=-= Facebook: Twitter: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ————————————————————- Use the Shoutbox, Luke! ? Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make
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25 Responses

  1. thedomolover100

    lol the moon? was like “yo”

  2. tylintheprodigy

    1:12 EPIC MOON? 😛

  3. tylintheprodigy

    how can you dislike her? vid 🙂

  4. ilikedogs57

    Did u see? the moon.

  5. lydiannalus

    cute texture pack :)?

  6. jacko1558

    Funny! Awesome! Good video!?

  7. SuperMinecraftlady

    So awesome! Another? girl that plays minecraft 😀

  8. 12clubpenguinrocks

    god you are 1 of? the best ppl on minecraft

  9. Adeathtrap

    I love u to says the tree? lol

  10. MartinVanWinkle

    Probably my favorite series? so far!;)

  11. nickmeza13

    I’m ur new fan now? lol (;

  12. MrJonnyEspo

    Join? My New Server No Whitelist :

  13. TheMegaZakster

    1 bought wow 2 this is kinda good 3 after 2 days? i quitted

  14. XxxGamerChick26xxX

    Awww (,= thank? you!

  15. TheChristops

    Hmmmmmmm…what button should i press? OH! theres one that says subscribe, I’ll Click? That!

  16. TheDutchMCers

    I like? girls that likes gaming

  17. DeathWing63


  18. XxFoxtrotOscarxX

    Another? great video, your a awesome commentator 🙂

  19. HYPERsmurf123

    Well it? did.t smow in emgland either

  20. HYPERsmurf123

    Wow i didnt snow either well i guess that the people who stole our sleds is? peed of lool

  21. marcushutsler

    i recommend placing? a cobblestone above the lava

  22. marcushutsler

    how do? u install commands anyways

  23. XxxGamerChick26xxX

    It? snowed here yesterday. Finally (:

  24. NINTENDOlp

    great now even? minecraft gets snow before I do
    great series so far

  25. XxxGamerChick26xxX

    Yeah…probably. But I was trying to? use my resources sparingly lol xD